Oculus Go drops gold standard for 72hz

Oculus Go will feature fixed Foveate Rendering. However it seems even Oculus is not sticking with there previous research. While Higher than Google’s Daydream rewuirements still considerably lower than pimax’s current stable 82hz but no where near there research of what was it 87hz min?

The Fixed Foveate rendering though looks like its going with the idea move your head & not your eyes. Be interesting to see once reviews roll out.

It would be great if the 8K X had an option for fixed foveated rendering. At least at launch


Well you never know its not out yet. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

Just hoping BW works well & they keep with having options to set 60/75/80hz+ on the 5k & 8k.

*60hz support asked about for folks with Optimus? Laptops that Nvidia paaa through the intel igpu(which restricts to 60hz)

With the 8k it would be interesting to have a 1080p / eye with 90hz if its mainly a bandwidth issue.

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