Objects disapear on outside edges causing flicker effect

Hello all. I have a 5K+ and noticed that objects in the game get turned off just before they leave the view of the headset, and then don’t get turned back on until just after entering the view of the headset. This causes an annoying flicker effect. I have tried parallel projection on and off with no luck. Any ideas? Seems to always do it, not in any particular game. Also does it in all 3 FOV settings.

With Paralell Projections setting. Ensure you restart steamvr to take effect.


Hey thanks! Didn’t know to do that. That did stop the objects from “turning off and on”, but performance is bad. I’m doing a project in Unity with several hundred imported models, so that’s why. I need to look through the Unity settings and see if I can figure out what setting to change to that parallel projection isn’t required.

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Yeah a few settings require Steamvr restart. FoV, PP & I think maybe ffr.

Do you have pimax’s Unity Sdk?

@anon74848233 please add to developers group.

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I do now, LOL. Thanks again! It’s much better now!


Your very welcome. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

does this work with arizona sunshine?

what game?

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He’s developing a game as a dev. If your refering to pimax’s Unity SDK. It is a plugin for unity that has things for the developer to be able to remove need for PP.

If Arizona Sunshine is using a new enough Unity the dev can use the Pimax Unity sdk or Unreal SDK to improve pimax compatability & performance.

Yes, sorry I wasn’t more clear. I am using it to import large SolidWorks assemblies to view in VR. Not sure what they are doing with the Pimax camera rig prefab in Unity, but much better than the one I was using. Problem now is that I have a ton of customization on the controllers that I will need to figure out how to get working on the Pimax rig, but getting there a little at a time.

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I think part of the visual anomaly you’re seeing is common on Pimax headsets, simply because most today’s VR apps and games are not created for such wide FOVs and to limit the polygon processing, the detail is simply scaled down and not textured anymore as soon as it comes out of the normal 120 degree range that most VR headsets never surpass :slight_smile:

It happens even in the SteamVR Home room, let’s hope that now with Valve selling Index, that has close to 120 degree FOV , and canted displays , things will start getting done better for wider FOV headsets.

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That makes sense. I have noticed in the Steam VR Home also. At least in my own apps it won’t have that issue now using the Pimax camera rig asset.

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I believe you can get some support from pimax on how to use features of the Sdk. @Doman.Chen can likely help get you in contact with appropiate pimax member(s).

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oh, i was asking as a gamer.

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Yeah unfortunately on our end we need to bug er I mean encourage devs to update their games. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles: