Nvidia stock plummets 20% after disappointing Q3 earnings report and Q4 guidance

Looks like “Karma” comes back pretty fast in these times… :smiley:

Too many people noticed the tricks Nvidia is putting in their marketing techniques, add the disappointing performance of this newer gen and the problem of some faulty cards, they messed up really badly this year.

Nvidia stock plummets 20% after disappointing Q3 earnings report and Q4 guidance


For starters, don‘t make a nuisance of yourself by increasing the prices by 80% hoping nobody would care. I do care, and I will stick with my 980Ti for while, and if the prices are still as ridiculous as today when my Pimax is delivered, I will at least give it a try with the 980Ti (knowing that I will not keep my cool for long…)


Well like NVIDIA also said themselves, it’s mostly because of the shrinking crypto market. The hype seems to be over and now they need to sell to us again, the gamers.


They have branched out into so many other markets for GPU that they have forgotten their core audience. Gaming may be small beans in terms of actual revenue for Nvidia now, but gaming is still huuge in terms of overall brand.

RTX is what happens when a company gets too big for its britches. Ray traced shadows and reflections are not ready for prime tine, and Nvidia knows it.

Whats sad is that AMD also does crap like this with rapid packed math and other features.

It would not bother me very much if GPUs were not holding other industries back so much.

Sure, driverless cars are cool, but VR and even just driving modern display standards require way more oomph.

I dont care if a GPU is huge, with an insane TDP. I just want a higher frame rate, higher resolution, and a good % better performance over previous hardware.

Seeing these RTX benchmarks makes me think we are back in 2006 in terms of performance at 1080p.


Lol @ Nvidia.

Where I live years ago when there was a massive fuel shortage there were panic queues everywhere one of the petrol stations took advantage of the situation by pushing petrol prices unreasonably high.

Worked in the sort term, fine.

But when the fuel issue resolved the local population didn’t forget and boycotted the station and it went bust and had to close down :slight_smile:

They forgot their true customers and took advantage of the situation.

I’m hoping this hits Nvidia hard.


It does. Their stock is trading at $138 as we speak. It traded at $281 end of september. So they lost like 80 BILLION dollar, half their market cap, in less than 2 months. I’m sure they will feel pretty bad.


I know zero about stocks and trading but that is interesting info. Where is the best place to look at this data without being overwhelmed with trading lingo? Would also like to see how AMD are doing vs Intel.

I’d use finance.yahoo.com.

Nvidia: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance
AMD: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance

You can change the chart interval above the chart. You can also click on the chart and then on ‘comparison’. If you do that on the NVDA chart and then compare with symbol AMD you can easily see the relative performance

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Brilliant thanks…

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