Noticed what looks like dust on back on lenses

saw a few specs of dust (i think it is anyway) on the back of both eye lenses, i know you can open the unit up, but its a risk i dont feel happy taking. i would of thought that the internals were put together in a clean room… how the hell did dust get in there??

Hi Enopho, could you please take a photo of those dust to It will be better for our estimate, thanks.

dont really have a small camera… but will try using my phone tomorrow when i got a bit of time and after kids sports

@PIMAX-Support hi team, I have tried to get photos from inside the lens, but the specs are so small i cant get any shot that shows them. but there on both lenses and at different spots on each lens. i had no dust when i 1st got it and the Pimax sites on my office desk each day, cleaning the front lenses with the cloth that came with it does not remove the dust so it looks like its in the rear of the lenses… i am not keen on dismantling this due to warranty implications and risk of damage. also i just dont have a clean room to do this.


Hi Eno, I agree with you. Usually we don’t suggest that users disassemble the helmet so that break warranty or cause other issues. If this issue indeed annoy you, I suggest that you may contact that E-vendor about this case since I can not help you through software way, hope for your understanding :slight_smile:

Thanks… Can you tell me how dust could of gotten in the back assuming the internals are done in a clean room, are there areas where dust can access the back on the lens