[NOT Resolved]Question about my pimax - Keeping this civil, but please i would like an honest answer

Hi again,
i don’t understand why my other post got closed with the “Resolved” tag but clearly this is not the case.

Yes @anon74848233 did reply to me, but the answer is far from acceptable from my point of view.

Here is the reply in question:

So Dallas claiming that i will receive my 5K+ on thursday. Wow im so glad i will receive the headset im trying not to received (i wanted to have the 8K).

Plus they have the audacity to claim that “We arrange your shipment much earlier because of the change”. Whhhattt???

When i requested the change it was on Jan22 and Matthew told me they had overstocks in oversea warehouse.
After that i tried to cancel this change only to be denied and denied.

From the tracking i see it was shipped from HK last friday (5 days ago)! I tried to get this issue resolve for more than 3 weeks now! That would have been more than enough time to get this fixed.

@anon74848233, @PimaxUSA, let me ask you a question:
If you go to best-buy and try to buy a TV and they tell you “Sorry but this TV is not available until next month, but if you want we have this lower model available right now and which can be shipped to you right away” and you agree, but in the end you receive the TV 1 month and a half later. What would you do??

@PimaxUSA any change to get this resolved with the NA department?

Now what should i do with the 5K when it arrives? Use it and hope to get the issue resolve or don’t open it and wait? Clearly i have little hope of solving this issue…

Help me @PimaxUSA, you are my only hope :slight_smile:


I have just receive the 5K+… not sure what to do. Try it out or wait until this issue is resolved (if it ever)

I’d wait if I were you. We can be pretty sure the weeks leading up to CNY and these weeks after must have been complete chaos with pre-orders here, backers there, 5K+ all over, forums flaming wild and on top of that people changing from 8K to 5K+ and back. Not to mention new staff being trained at the same time as all this is going on.

My point is this: the 8Ks are actually being produced and shipped right now. The most chaotic period must be close to over. Answers might actually come when they get this new breathing room and can check out the aftermath.

Optimistic yes, but if changing back to 8K is truly important to you, waiting a week or so might be worth it. Another week ain’t so much after all this time.

PimaxUSA’s time is limited, hangout with bakers just isn’t conducive to setting up the NA support center.

Bah i decided to try it out anyway :slight_smile: hard to resist…

Although I was not yet able to play anything, running into some issues…

And as expected i got a final reply from Dallas tellling me that i cannot change anymore because i have received the headset.

Pure BS… It was shipped last friday, they had plenty of time to do the change. Suddenly they reply the day im about to get the headset. Anyways, its a lost cause i believe…