Not hitting 120fps nor using more than 60-70% of gpu

Hi all,

Just a quick one. I’m using pitool 254 atm but noticing (in steamVR home for example) that I was only hitting like around 100 fps (running on a 5K+ in 120Hz mode). All the while the gpu was around 60-70% usage (2080Ti) Cpu usage was only 30% (i9 9900K) and RAM was also fine (32GB DDR4 3200)
steamvrSS is on 100%, pitool settings at 1.0

Is there any performance issue with pitool 254 or something?

You might try this, to identify any PC bottlenecks:

It is entirely possible that both the CPU and GPU are running flat-out (when they can), but are bottlenecked at other times by the other. That is, the GPU is running great, until it has to wait for the CPU to provide info and then the CPU is waiting on the GPU to complete its portion of the rendering task.


I had the same problem yesterday with fallout, gpu stuck at 50%, somehow windows reverted the powersettings back to balanced with updates. When i set it back to performance i was hitting 90-95% again.


My pc is fine mate :smiley: The graphs and gpu / cpu timings are fine. I can play on my oddyssey with no issues and I play “monitor” games at 4K ultra, also with no issues :slight_smile:

My power settings were on high performance instead of ultimate, so I put them back on ultimate… I’ll see if that makes a difference, thanks Jeroen.


Actually, you might want to set it back. Apparently, that can lead to suboptimal performance, due to overheating. I have mine set to Adaptive, which is best for 2080s.

I couldn’t find the article I read about this, but I found something even more informative: a youtube video, comparing the 3 settings across multiple games. Watch the 3 graphs, any spikes would be seen as hitching. Adaptive has the least overall spikes, but my understanding is that GPUs vary by type. Iirc, Optimal was better for 10xx series.


interesting but i mean the windows power settings

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I thought you might, but I don’t have that option in Windows / Power & Sleep Settings, possibly because my PC is a desktop.

Still, I wonder if this might be a contributor to hitching, at least for some people.

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No. That’s not it… It’s under additional settings.


Ah, found it. Thanks! It seems like MS goes out of their way to hide settings these days. I must have found it at some point in the past, since it’s set to High Performance.


I’m using “Ultimate Performance” but it seems that MS often resets to balanced on updates.

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I’m using ParkControl :+1:


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