Nolo vs Psmove service

A good video here from Daley Tech. I’m the type that likes to tinker with things, as I am pretty sure many of you are, so have to agree with the conclusion. Haven’t got my setup working as well as that yet though.

Nolo vs. PS Move Service - Which one works best??! - YouTube


Awrsome link. Very informative.

Nolo at this moment is like pimax - potential, good idea, acceptable price and sh1t ton of issues:

  1. ceiling mount doesnt implemented with pimax
  2. front mount is not designed for shooter games because you will experience loss of tracking in most important moments which annoys too much, in addition to this lost tracking results in to completely loss of picture (picture becomes grey). Ceiling mount could help with that, but it doesnt work with pimax at this moment and is not so easy because they dont include cables and mounts.
  3. tracking is weird, no idea what causes this issue (item defect/low quality parts/software issue)
    Nolo base station issue or low quality tracking - YouTube

4. accumulators hold about 3-4 hours as new parts, means they will degrade with the time and decrease this time

Dont know how good psmove is, but i would not advise nolo to anyone at this time.

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I hear you. Did you see the vid i posted (somewhere lol).

Buddy has the base station of the razer hydra strappef to him.

As Daley Tech says in the video, psmove can be good, just depends on the time and effort you put in. I can only get 180 so far. So im limited. With psmove you also need driver4vr to complete the positional tracking. Dont have that yet but when i do I think it will be a complete enough tracking system.
So far though it is good at least for stationary games. Shooting games. Anything that doesn’t positional.

Has anyone tried driver4vr with psmove yet?

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Hmmm too bad to hear this. Still waiting on my Nolo, should arrive late this week (hopefully). But I’ve tried Psmove and this I 100% do not recommend to anyone especially if it’s difficult to make your room dark (cause you really need a dark room for it to function correctly). And if the light conditions fluctuate, then you have a problem too because you will need to adjust again. So I only see this working really good in a room without windows or in a room with VERY good blackouts.

I never got it to work correctly and my controllers are now rotting away in the basement. Oh and installing cables and camera’s in your room, not everybody feels like that because of how it looks.

Summary: I hate psmove with a passion :slight_smile: But if you have a real dark room and don’t mind fiddling with it for hours, nor mind installing cables and camera’s in your room, then this might work for you, possibly even better than Nolo, like Daley says.

I’m just hoping Nolo can fix the issue’s you’re currently experiencing. What worries me is that they’ve integrated their driver into Pimax so you don’t just need a new driver, you need a new pimax driver, which can slow down releases.

Nolo is fine if you wont use controllers. Bodytracking is good so far.

I prefer to use nolo for easy installation and precise control.
That’s the only reason.
Factors that interfere with tracking quality are reflective objects and brightness. Cover the mirror and turn off the unnecessary monitor and TV. If motion is interrupted, adjust the base station to the head height. Then it will get better.

I have tried, but when the base station is higher then the body shoulder it causes much more glitches to controllers. Dont you have something like that?O_o

Yes. I don’t have that problem. It works very accurately.
I am using it in a store with a slightly dark lighting.

Have you tried the latest psmove drivers?
I had no problems during the day.
The main thing is to calibrate properly.

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No, haven’t tried the latest. I’m still waiting on my nolo so I might as well try it again and see if there’s a difference

So for me who just want seating 6DoF tracking without controllers Ping pong ball is obvious choice.
In Flight sims and Racing sims I will use HOTAS or Wheel + maybe Voice attack. Really no need for Controller.
Even with controller there is no clear advantage for Nolo especially in 360 room scale.
So this 100$ more is better to invest in better GPU for better graphic experience so after all PSmove is the clear winner.

Can you throw items?

Yes. True the window. lol

Yes. If your hand does not cover the base station, you can do anything.

Well, looks like i’m not lucky enough. My nolo doesnt work properly, it glitches, basestation above the head wont work and i cant throw items - it doesnt work at all.
Going to sell it by ebay, looks like people offering good prices.

Did you check out the vid i posted where buddy is using kinect move & hydra together.

The hydra he has its base station attached to him.

My NoloVR still resides in it’s box, plastic and all.

There just is no way I can deal with dead spots with no viable option to correct.

I also find it bs to have issues when you are using it in it’s intended front-facing configuration.