No option to buy in UK sterling?

@deletedpimaxrep1 There is only the option to buy in US dollar or Euro both of which come with a non sterling transaction fee of 2.75% and this comes on top of a 2% foreign cash fee so with no sterling option we have 4.75% added in charges - this will amount to around £30 UK sterling.
Can you please update the site with an option to buy in UK sterling?


No one wants our money anymore, I blame Brexit.


1800 years of conflict, millions dead, progressive society that one day could lead to a unified and border-less Europe all disappeared when fear mongering a individual personal desires got in the way. I am sure the nationalists will continue to honor sacrifices made in name only for the sake of keeping up appearances.


don’t even know anyone that knows the national anthem… my country is a joke country XD (UK)

Those who hate democracy and the will of the people are the Brexiteers who are terrified of a second referendum in case the true will of the people (as opposed to a pretty much 50-50 split based on lies) becomes manifest. Why? Just because their side ‘won’. :wink:

Don’t talk to us about democracy.


You do realise how hypocritical that sounds?

If we have a 2nd ref who is going to stop a 3rd or a 4th? That is the whole point of a vote and why Cameron (idiot that he is) gave it to the people. If you want somebody to blame, then blame him. For better or worse it needs to stay or British democracy is dead and voting becomes meaningless. And the Will of the people have spoken. It was a majority win no matter if it was the difference between 1 person or 5000

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No one hates democracy but its inventors (Greeks) already pointed its biggest flaw - most people are actually not that smart so majority vote can easily lead to disaster.

But we are getting off topic - I suppose if they support £ then other people might start asking why not other national currencies and it can get out of hand quickly. As far as I know the credit card transactions are billed in $ or euro anyway so you can’t avoid transfer to national currency. So use the currency which your credit card uses for transactions (e.g. $ for VISA I think).

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Nonsense! We rule the waves! We won the war! We won the world cup in 1966! Why is our currency therefore not the greatest in the world? :joy:

What’s the point of calling it UK sterling? Who does this?