No new pitool versions in almost a month?

Or did I miss a release?

Last month pitool 253 was released and an Alpha 254.

Check Pitool\Release Notes Category

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had a look in there, but im not gona risk it. i have a 5k+ with SN: 2026xxxxx and am not sure how the whole firmware and pitool parts work together.
its working fine right now and the 8kX will get here in a few months(alegedly).

The Alpha 254 hit right before Chinese New Year (like, the same week of the start), when basically all of China went on holiday, and of course by the time they got back the coronavirus scare was in full swing. So yeah, this was the time to not expect new pitool versions. Hopefully everything in China gets all worked out.


My favorite motto “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. :grinning:

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