No Man's Sky VR update coming - please contact them Pimax!

No Man’s Sky is coming to steam VR this summer. @PimaxUSA Please reach out to Hello Games to make sure they take into account the Pimax headsets so that parallel projections is not needed for the game. This should be a great game for VR! The game is already very good now after all the updates, but being able to actually “be” in on all those planets will make it so much better.


That’s a game I’d love to play someday. I’ve read about all the improvements from Hello Games has made and what they have done is impressive. I didn’t know until now that NMS was coming to VR this summer so they didn’t make the official list for reaching out.

Thanks for pointing this out. We will see what we can do.


Did they finally add multi player? Lol

But yeah looked goid otherwise. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Have to ask Andrew how he made out with chatting with dev about VR for new cyberpunk game.

It’s supposed to work with steamVR so it should work with pimax. But really some one from pimax (@PimaxUSA) should reach out right now and tell them that you have a developer program to help them to get it working good.

This is huge for VR!


Every little help :slight_smile:


They did add in multiplayer! They are also adding a new Online feature this summer that revamps multiplayer even more. Not much details yet, assuming an Elite Dangerous style multiplayer system.


That’s awesome to hear. I remember when it was discovered that the muliplayer was lie when it was first released. Lol

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Hello Games have come a long way since then and more than redeemed themselves in my opinion. It’s too bad they were raked over the coals so visciously in the forums. I hope this VR version is Pimax compatible.


I started to play it on the PS4 and even back then a few years ago they were doggedly developing new content. Some of the users out there don’t deserve that effort.


Well in a lot of ways as many have said here. Hello Games should have been straight about tge multiplayer’s status & would have had less issues as a result. Instead of risking the consumer discovering it at that time it didn’t exist. A parallel often mirroring other projects. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

yea I agree they should have been straight, just like PImax about their development Always comes back to bite you, even if you are an indie developer trying to drum up interest.

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Often seems to be a hard lesson to master. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

This game’s free update will make it become the most owned VR game. Period!

(Even for people that don’t have VR hardware)

This is a market opportunity for Pimax!
@anon74848233 @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxUSA

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This is great news and long awaited.


I am so happy they finally started working on this. I bought this game on release where it underwhelmed quite many. It was a good game then but not what was promised. They added tons of content in the meantime. It should be fantastic in VR. Especially for those whol like Elite Dangerous but don’t have the time for it (family, job…).

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@acegamer Received, our relevant colleague will handle this.

Thanks for your topic and help.


This is a good news indeed.
But I have NMS on GOG and it probably won’t work with VR there :-(.

I wonder though if they can manage workable user interface for VR. Because it is quite a mess even in 2D and they were not able to make it better in all those years.

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Should work with cogs… epic launcher works

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