No, I'm not going to stop! How to achieve auto IPD adjustment

Now that the M1’s have “left the building,” let’s discuss some simple value added things that could be included in the commercial release. This is not to say that the backer release will be different than the commercial release. The Auto IPD adjustment module can be sold, or included, as just that; a module.

Now, how do we automatically adjust the IPD?

First, you’ll a camera in each of the oculars.

Next, in-front of the cameras, you’ll need a ruler of known distance with metric units imprinted. The ruler won’t be to scale, but the scale is known. So, to get an exact measurement, count all the ticks measured and multiply by the known scalar.

Now take a picture and line up the rulers so that it appears as one image.

Find the inner edge of the left pupil and the outer edge of the right pupil. It only takes a little bit of pattern matching, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Super impose the scaled metric ruler so that the first left tic is aligned to the right edge of the left pupil, and the ruler runs through the right edge of the right pupil.

The rest is simple. Simply count the ticks from the right edge of the left pupil to the right edge of the right pupil.

And voila! We have auto IPD measurement. The auto-adjustment is up to the hardware.

Please look into this! One of the most annoying things about VR is finding your correct IPD measurement.

For example, my doctor says my IPD is 74.1, but I just measured it today at 69. What gives? Who canI trust? Here is the measurement I took.


I don’t like the measuring method much my self, it’s not very accurate. I’ve developed a much more accurate method, works really well:

Other than that, I do think eyetrackers could be an interesting way of measuring IPD, especially since nothing on the screen needs to be shown, so your eyes can relax while the measurement takes place

I suppose you’ll need to look at something at some distance though. Focussing on something near will criss your eyes and subsequently move your pupils closer to eachother

Yes, focusing on something near will definitely invalidate IPD measurements

we literally have a module free to all backers that tracks the pupil. surely by having an image in view that has us focus at infinite distance we can measure half the ipd with absolute accuracy and then dial that value in manually with screen feedback as we do so?

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Why not just implement it with say the eye tracking module to measure? Then adjust to the results given.

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What are you talking about bro,auto ipd adjustment is so old fashion and outdated, the new toy in town is to plug cable into your neck just like they did in matrix.

No need for panels anymore, always highest resolution available.
GPU brainpower is the best

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Lol now lets also remember AntVR’s last headset did a kind of auto ipd bumping off tge sides of tge head? (Been awhile since looked at it)