No Display but is tracking in mirror mode

So after a full struggle to get the headset detected, iv got to the issue of not having the VR display working, i managed to get get mirror mode up and noticed the headset is tracking but just not displaying in the headset its self, i dont have a second monitor showing up in the display settings either but if i stop the service it then shows a second monitor but as soon as i start it its goes. iv uninstalled pi and steam vr and reinstalled them updated to the newst nvidia driver, nothing seems to work

the led goes from red to green but never to blue, its currently connected via mini hdmi to hdmi then though a hdmi pass though adapter to the headset, the other monitor was pluged in via DVI and have also used a dp to hdmi to connect it as well and still having no luck getting it to work.

im running windows 10 and a nvidia GTX980

iv played around with it for about 7 hours now and its starting to annoy me and iv run out of options any help would be great.

For proper operation, the adapter must support hdmi 1.4b (2k60Hz).
If possible, try connecting directly to the HDMI port on another PC.

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How long can I make an hdmi extension? I tried 3m (10 ft.) but that did not allow the display to work.