No de-mist lines on new replacement Pimax?

Hey there

Just recently got my Pimax 4k replacement back from China took a while but Gearbest were pretty good so no problems there.

But i did notice the box and packaging was different (HMD came with straps all attached no excess boxes for straps as last time) around.

I’m assuming I got a revised model everything seems fine,apart from I can not see any demist lines on the lenses they also seem to be quite bright as pretty sure the other headset had a subtle purple hue to it.

Have I got a new revision or am I missing something from the lenses filter,there is no way I’m sending these back as the clarity is on a par as before but with no odd pixel issues, just curious or if any body else has had the same issue.

SN starts at 1028 if that helps any ?


Like discussed quite a few times on this forum, the Pimax sold with serial starting with 102 is a 1440p OLED panel, instead of a 4k panel. Since it’s OLED though, it’s lower latency and thus doesn’t need shutter glass (I assume that’s what you mean with ‘demist lines’ ?)

Yeah apologies been out of the loop waiting for my unit to come back from China.

So the first HMD I brought was I assume non OLED,and needed the shutter glass which could be seen by those lines.,and this one does not need them,if that is the case and this is normal phew !!

And thanks for your lightening fast reply :wink:

The 102 serial is oled but not 4k. If your old serial was 100 then your old one is the 4k which has lcd with shutter glass not sure if 102 has demister or not.

Contact support if you want the 4k as the oled is qhd and only slightly better on sde than oculus/vive.


Not really noticed too much difference and had to wait for my new replacement from Gearbest returns for quite a while,and this actually has no defects which is a bonus !

But I did notice that before I would get a slight queasy feeling and would burp/belch a little after use,not really had that this time around,it just feels much better in VR,so keeping this a while until a new competitor appears on the horizon at least in time I can flog this as in my book it has no defects to concern me about or any body who buys one from me in the future.

Thanks again

A combination of SDE and the lack of the shudder glass is likely contributing to vr nausea.

One of the benefits imo to the shudder glass is it gives your eyed nano breaks as even though you don’t see it. Your eyes at times are seeing a blackened screen.

Gamers are known to forget to blink when locked into gameplay. Lol

Weirdly this new model seems more comfortable in VR,watched Amazon on Bigscreen for a full 2 hours no issues,even tried my Subnautica in VR had issues with framerate,but once dropped had no VR sickness issues as with the older model HMD.

Maybe it’s me but it goes against what you just posted as my newer model seems to have no shutter glass and according to the other forum and you guys is the 1440P version,and the SCD effect maybe negated by me as I’m short sighted maybe I don’t see it like others do ?

Well just keep in mind VR sickness is by no means an exact science.

Users will vary with what will cause this. Myself i have had no ill affect from the 4k model. While tge redit reviewer did experience it. Now psvr in re7 i did have an off feeling after less thsn 15m. While another user here he & his friend played 4+hrs straight with no ill affect.

Truth I’d say imo its all guess work. As both vive/rift claimed you “must” have min 90 fps to not be vr sick. Which we can say is not absolute or even true.

Some who have had rift/vive have xp vr sick. But not on the pimax 4k.

The simple truth if your happy with what you have rec’d; then as they say your good. :blush:

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Very true I feel we are like space monkeys shot into space,pioneers for VR we have not a clue how we will react will prob take years to understand and combat the effects of VR sickness.

But for now I’m a semi happy VR test space monkey :wink:

Awesome glad your happy with your vr.

Feel free to add me on steam my user name is the same as here. Just keep in mind i am more of a collector lol

Cool beans !

Thanks for the help :sunglasses: