No change in FPS on different FOV (pitool 103 beta)

Does anyone notice ANY changes in FPS when they change their FOV on the pitool 103 beta? I tried changing the FOV from small to large while playing Pcars 2 and I notice no change in my FPS, it stays at around 45-50fps regardless on the FOV I’m using

is the new pitool 103 rendering full screen and just black out the edge on small FOV setting?

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When you change any of the options in Pitool apart from brightness you have to restart SteamVR and the game for it to work.


doesn’t explain that why I get no drop in FPS when when I jump from small FOV to large FOV

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Do you also not get any drops when restarting SteamVR in between changing FOV?

What render scale are you running in PiTool and what level have you set SteamVR SS at?

There appears to be a maximum horizontal resolution that SteamVR can handle (4096) so if you are already at that res in small FOV due to high PiTool rendering scale and high SteamVR SS level, that would explain your observation.

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I’m running pitool 1.0 with SS at 50%…mostly use on project cars 2, in-game SS set to 1.00 as well

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And just to clarify, when switching between FOVs, you are closing SteamVR (and therefore the game) and restarting?


no, what I was doing was launching the game in small FOV, and I can change FOV to large in the middle of the game…unpause the game and continue to play the game with now Large FOV without FPS dropping

As the others have pointed out and you seem to ignore: you need to restart steamvr for the changes to take effect in the actual rendered resolution.

For example, if you switch from large fov to small without restarting steamvr, a mask is simply placed on the headset to ‘hide’ the extra fov but it is still rendered by steamvr (and thus performance still sucks). I assume the same is happening in reverse in your case where the masks are removed from the extra fov but the resolution doesn’t necessarily change.


@davidwanj As has been said, PAUSING the game won’t work. You will actually need to turn it off and completely restart SteamVR. Then the new FOV should be displayed properly the next time you start your game.


I don’t think you get my point

I WENT FROM SMALL TO LARGE FOV, not large to small FOV…I understand if I went from large to small maybe it will just mask it with the black…but how on earth do you go from small fov to large FOV without dropping FPS? you are literally creating more FOV without FPS drop out of no where

What is the difference in FPS on your system between large and small FOV when actually restarting in between changing said FOV?

Going from small to large FOV without a restart of SteamVR will most likely result in a stretched/warped image that covers a large FOV without actually being corrected for it.

You need to exit game & restart steamvr after changing FoV or Pirender multiplier.

You can’t pause the game & change FoV.

FoV. Changes also changes steam render targets. Render targets change performance.

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