No answers from about delivery suspen 4570

Hello, i received my pimax 5k+ in december.

Very happy of this headset (for me the best)

But i saw block dots everywhere, but don’t want to resend it ^^

But 1 month ago 1 black line appear in the middle of the left screen. And not possible to continue with this, then i ask ticket for replacement. Michael wang answer me very quickly and ask me to send my pimax in UK.

And said to me that they will refund me post cost delivery.

Ok very well, very good !

But after sent my pimax, and received in uk… no more answer from him. i ask everyday to know about my new replacement headset. but he don’t answer… never.

Please could you see what happen ?

@SweViver, @anon23564932, @PimaxVR, @Pimax-Support, @DerekVVV, @anon74848233, @mozi

Best regards.

Renaud RICHET (bysty)


I don’t understaind why nobody answer me ???

On Weekend,
Saturday, and Sunday they are free i think.
even on friday they’re not responding anymore…
I’m about to send my headset away but i want clear answers that ‘‘they cannot give’’


i have a friend who receved the new one before sending the broke one !

Why some are privilegied ?

And other like me we must send the old one … and after very long wait without answer and without headset.

it’s very annoying !

and the worst of communication is … no communication.

here is communication, Will check and back to you.

sorry for the late reply,

I have arranged your 2nd delivery .

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thank you !! :grinning:

10 days … but still nothing :sob:

Same here… i send back the damaged headset but still wait for an answer when i get a headset.
Stop keeping people waiting in the dark ans give ‘‘estimated guess’’ at least how long we have to wait
to get:
estimated time when we hear your answer.
estimated time when the headset will be sanded.
estimated time when we get the tracking number.

It doesn’t have to be complicated…
Like ‘‘you hear from me within a few days. if not, call me again.’’

I’m not being angry or spreading hate.
But this will cool down a lot of heads.

I think there is a problem with UK mother house.

I don’t understaind why they don’t communicate and why they don’t sent new headset.

I have no communication from Uk house until i sent my broken headset.

Pimax must do something with this mother house. there is a big problem with them.

@Unseenlegend did you sent in uk mother house too ?

I think it has to do with the brexit.

haha may be …

But so long…