No answer about my delivery

4jan it sad that my was shipped to UK and now 6week after i still have not got any tracking nr or item, sent 2 support tickets on homepage and no answer, aslo tried to email Pimax USA but no answer. Latest support ticket is SUPEN-1896 Before that SUPEN-1646.


No answer here on forum or suport ticket :confused:

I’m in the same boat. No response at all via the support tickets or emails.
Meanwhile my friend who pre-ordered has his headset already delivered last week.

I’m backer 60## and no idea when or if I will receive my 5k+. :frowning:

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Did get answer on one today but the answer was: Sorry for the delay, we will ship your 5K+ headset asap.

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I received the same email yesterday . It doesn’t really give us any meaningful information . I am hoping Kevin can elaborate on what the problem in HK is .

At least now i got tracking for my package so in some Days i should have it :slight_smile: