Nice! Lone echo II is out!

Nice,lone echo II is out …i am downloading it now…

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tell us what you think of it once played

Okay i tried it…

First it needs the stupid parallel projection and that taxes performance alot…thats a pitty…

But it looks great!

I set the resolution scale ingame at 80 and the pimax 8kx on 75hz…

Turned off adaptive resolution scaling in game.

AA i did turn off.

The rest on medium and high,you need to play a bit with these…

Also menu is a bit hard to control with the index controllers… but once in game its al okay…

I only wish i doesnt needed the parallel projection so we could play it in all glory…

When i have the time this weekend i will play more for sure with this game…

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so so so so so so nice!!! :exploding_head:

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Can’t wait to test it too ! Let’s see.

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Working very good with Small FOV, PP on and SS at 1.0, launching directly from Pitool.

Amazing picture and so far very intriguing story/gameplay.

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i tried it now on small FOV too,then i can set everything on high only i need to set the sampling ingame still on 80% and i am on 90hz by the way…

On normal FOV i have most on medium exept graphics on high and ambient oclusion off and still on 80% sampling ingame

But it looks great…a pitty about the little shimmering(but AA makes it too blurry so i turn that off too)

@Douglaster @john2910 what are your pc specs?

Mine are : rtx3090,i9900k,32gb

so you have a top spec pc but have to play the game on small fov? this defeats the object of having a wide fov hmd :slight_smile: my pc is not as good as yours and i dont wont to play on small or potato fov, i think i will give the game a miss. thx for your feedback.

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i can play it on normal,but you have to play with the settings ingame…But i also wish it didnt needed parralel projection…

Why do some games like assetto corsa and skyrimvr work on large fov with no parellel projection needed? Do the devs of these games code compatibility with wide fov hmd’s?

yes they do…

8086k,3080ti,32gb, similar to john2910.

Don’t disable Ambient Oclusion, it makes the picture much more belivable, the shadows in the corner are very nice.

In Oculus games ? Of course not.

Oculus game are MATCHED to Oculus HMD’s, that’s why we must use small fov otherwise the extra rendering area crush our performance.

PP is needed exactly because they didn’t code the game to canted lens.

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i must say the game is very immersive on the pimax…

I am 3 hours in now,its a must have for sure!

small is also a misnomer here.

Small is still a wider FOV than all of the mainstream HMDs. Small for most people means no distortion as it’s cropped out of view. Small means you can direct performance to higher quality image with what is in FOV rather than resources spent on just a wider FOV.

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I understand what youre saying, its just now ive seen big fov i cant go back, i refuse to. So small is still bigger than other hmd’s? I guess potato is about the same as the others.

Potato is around the Oculus Rift and HP Reverb FOV. This has everything you need to know on the subject:

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