Nice audio strap for 8k and 5k +, $ 20

The pimax 4k headset and head strap are also available for 8k and 5k +


Is the quality any good on audio?

yep, it’s very nice!

Where do I buy just the head strap and headphones?

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I don’t think you can buy them separately. The Pimax store doesn’t even offer the 4K any more, but you could probably find it at an on-line reseller, like Amazon or GearBest.

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It’s sold in open market in Korea but I don’t know if it can be bought in other countries.
If you make additional payments, please contact pimax for shipping with 8k or 5k+.


Ah ok, i take it the $20 he’s referring to is the price difference between the 4K without headphones?

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Apparently not, since it’s available in Korea (not that it helps those of us in other countries). Headphones-only does not appear to be available at either Amazon or GearBest.


Do you connect the 4K headphones through a Y splitter? Looks like with a little extension cable?
Since the 5K and 8K only have 1 stereo jack and the 4K has 2 separate mono jacks…

When I purchased the pimax 4k cable was included.