Next gen display panels for Q1 2019

After waiting for years for next gen panels with higher resolutions to be mass produced, the near future finally starts to light up bright:

  1. Boe is almost ready with their new plant! They started to build this new fab in 2017 and they’re planning to build the coolest 4k + 8k (and higher?) res OLED panels here. Now the latest news is that Boe has started ordering equipment for the new fab and that they’re planning to start test production early 2019: ETNews: BOE and OLiGHTEK to start trial OLED microdisplay production in early 2019 | OLED Info

  2. It has been a bit quite around Kopin but they’re also now talking about Q1-2019 to start production (2 weeks ago in their conference call). They have been talking about Olightek as production partner, which in turn is partner in the new Boe fab, so they might start production the same time as Boe, in the same fab.

  3. JDI promised, at displayweek, to start mass production their new high res gen LCD panels in Q1 2019 too

  4. And there’s samsung, speculation is that they’re going to present their next gen AR/VR HMD soon, which might come already with 4k OLED panels, so they might beat them all, but this is speculation.

  5. LG obviously hasn’t been sitting still, they’re partnering with Google on the next gen HMD but it’s been quite there, couldn’t find any new info…

So in short, I think next gen AR/VR HMD’s with improved resolutions is FINALLY not far away anymore, we most likely will see them Q1-Q2 next year.


I think Apple will jump on the bandwagon too. they have played the waiting game and I think that this second gen of panels will be their calling to enter the market. I am keen to see if they can innovate, maybe bring VR and AR into a single HMD using pass-through. Knowing them they will try create an app store around it and not support Windows apps.

We also have Oculus with their monster R&D. Santa Cruz and Rift 2 somewhere down the line.


“With the Odyssey+ apparently featuring the same 1,440 × 1,600 resolution per eye and 110 degree field of view. However the display is indicated as ‘AMOLED+SFS’; it isn’t clear what SFS stands for in this case, and we haven’t seen that acronym used regarding the original headset. One guess is that it could be related to the ‘Anti SDE’ technology that Samsung has been working on”

Yeah saw it, quite a bummer if it’s true, I really had hoped they’d put 4k OLED in it.

Damn VR Innovation Is taking to long I may need glasses by the time the resolution good enough SMH


Not sure why no any update news from “INT”

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Right, they should have been included in my post, they’re also working on next gen panels indeed!

I wonder if the big size of the panels compared to the StarVR One didn’t make the development of the lenses harder for Pimax.

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