New XTAL discussion thread for 2021/2022

100% the same experience I have with XTALs and one of the main reasons I will jump over the 12K (if ever released…) with my XTAL 3. I am not sure about the reason for that big of difference, maybe the rendering and distorsion profiles are completly different compared to the Wide FOV HMDs of Pimax resulting in this awesome 3D effect and feeling of presence.

Interesting, I only got eye strain from the older pimax HMDs if I set a wrong IPD, like with every other HMD. With the correct IPD setting I could wear the 5K+ and 8KX for over 3 hours or even longer without any issues. But yeah, experiences can vary from person to person of course.


What I also have noticed when playing with the XTAL:

When I turn my head and focus on another spot, it always takes a few milliseconds to sharpen the image.

For example: I look in another direction (with turning my head) and the scene isn’t immediately completely sharp, it takes a tiny moment to get sharp, maybe like a half second.

I hope you do understand what I mean.

And there is one more thing.

Yesterday I played Beat Saber with the XTAL.
Well, when squating (to avoid the walls above your head), the complete image turns a bit sideways for a second or two, so you are totally disorientated for a second or two.

This way Beat Saber is absolutely not playable.

Does this happen, because Beat Saber just isn’t compatible with the XTAL, or could this be any other issue with the headset? Does anybody else of you have the same issue with the XTAL and Beat Saber?

Until now I didn’t notice that issue with any other game, only with Beat Saber.

Could it be related to tracking issues? My 2.0 Base Stations are mounted at the walls at about 2.3 meters height.

What also is irritating me:

According to Sweviver, at 100% render resolution in SteamVR, the resolution per eye is exactly 2560x1440 (native resolution of the XTAL 5K), but when I set the render resolution at 100%, the resolution per eye is 4076x2176…

How is that even possible?

Sweviver’s video: (@ minute 13:24)

Screenshot of (my) SteamVR when running the XTAL at 100% render resolution:


I think I had that happen when I had pushed the configuration too high. Try dialing it all a bit back, like the fov and see if that helps


What issue are you refering to?

My fov settings are set at standard (“XTAL” profile).

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I’ve just played the game “The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter VR”.

When I’m squating or bending forward, sometimes the picture completely vanishes for 2 seconds and/or the picture is tilted a bit sideways. Only a grey screen is displaying then in the headset…

Maybe later I will try to mount the base stations at a lower level. Could it be, that the too high mounted base stations are causing the issues?


The video about the XTAL 5K from sweviver is now nearly 5 years old and therefore not really a great source of information anymore, the video is just to old.

I guess many things have changed over this long time period regarding the XTALs, including the render resolution for the distorsion profile I guess. Your render resolution is completely fine and normal at 100% and should be good handlebar for your 3080.

That means that your XTAL is losing tracking, this should however only occur after starting up of steam VR and putting the XTAL on for the first time at your session, after that it should not occur anymore.

It depends, best is as you already mentioned to try every possible positioning of the basestations for best tracking. In my own experience 1.0 Basestations are working better for the XTALs compared to 2.0 basestations, I do not know why, but with all XTALs I had this was always the case for me. With 2.0 basestations the tracking was more unstable and jittery.

For every other issue you are expierencing right now, I would suggest to get in touch with the XTAL support, exspecially regarding any software and game issues. My knowledge ends pretty much on your other mentioned issues with running of other games.

Good Luck !


Yes you are right, the video is pretty old.
Well, my 3080 is doing great with the XTAL, the perfomance is much better than with my Pimax 5K XR.

Regarding the tracking issues (grey screen, the image is tilting sideways when squating, etc.):

I’ve fixed it!

It was indeed bad positioning of the base stations.

I have lowered the height a bit and now all tracking issues are gone.

With my Pimax the tracking is perfect, even when the base stations mounted in a higher postion.
I guess, the XTAL is more sensitive regarding the tracking…

Maybe I will buy a pair of base stations 1.0… I will think about that…

Well, at least for now everything is working perfectly. :blush:

I will do that, but hopefully there isn’t the need for it anymore. :laughing:

Thanks anyway for taking the time to help me. :wink:

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This game needs a couple of fixes from Astronauts. Which is ashame it used to play quite nicely until some VR updates Broke some of the game play. Which is too bad visually this game is awesome.


Heh, I have three editions of Ethan Carter in my library, and have never played it, despite really, really looking forward to it back in the day, and still really wanting to… :stuck_out_tongue:

When launching the VR edition, they not only bent to Oculus’ mandate at the time, before Oculus had room-tracked handcontrollers, to make games playable with an X-Box controller – ONLY with an X-Box controller – they even ripped out mouse-and-keyboard control, and… well… Duck that ship. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I haven’t played the game (Ethan Carter) that much, so I can’t really say if there are any bugs or something.
But what me annoys the most is, that you have to play with an XBOX controller, just like with Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice for example. :unamused: :laughing:


Well it was originally just a flat game with vr added. It would be interesting to see if maybe VorpX with iirc some games add motion control controller support. Etee controllers also gives some options to map as well.

Since Ethan is an unreal game wonder if Praydog’s UN versal unreal VR mod might work?


I’ve read on praydog’s discord channel, that only the newer version (The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Redux) is working with his injector.
But there is a lot of jitter when playing the game in VR, so unfortunately it’s not really playable/enjoyable…


Hopefully he can get it working better. Awesome to hear though.


Yes, I hope so too. :+1:


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