New vr game wide fov no pp needed!

working on helping develop a game!
Inspired by the neon futurism of the 80s, make way for ELEC, a fast paced competitive VR game.
Start your journey into the world of the game and begin a match with computer players or real players in peer to peer style.
Take your cycle by the grips and delete your opponents as you race around the arena.
Be the last man standing, win for your team, or play in endless roam against bots and take your time to hone your skills.
Not enough? Each round you can earn “quanta” the games currency, to buy new cycle colors and helmets to kit out your rider and show off your winnings against the other players.
Are you ready to take the planes of ELEC?
I’d like to see you try.
feel free to join the Kickstarter!


wow,Thanks for your effort to adapt us


Your very welcome! I spent 3 days optimizing it to run perfectly on a Pimax headset, and it was worth it!

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