New VR Days 8K Impressions

VR Days Amserdam Mixed Reality TV

VR Days Pimax Video First Impressions

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“No detectable pixels whatsoever” :grin:


Would be nice to hear more comparisons with MR headsets regarding image quality.


What is there to compare, the current to be released MR headsets will be little better than the Vive or Rift with their resolution / screen door effect and slightly narrower FOV.

The 8k is a marked improvement on all those areas. Nothing to compare.

Love the interactions of the demo presenter for Pimax, very cute to watch especially with that wild last demo user who was flailing her arms around like windmills. Funny.

I meant a comparison from the people who tried both…

Because of pixels per degree and sub pixels per degree. Because the 8k has such a large field of view, its actual picture detail might not be substantially higher than those Microsoft mixed reality headsets.

Go read the current material on the MS MR headsets, you will find them similar in image quality to the recently released Sony PSVR headset. Underwhelming.

from what ive read, the samsung odyssey has a better display than anything out right now…

Have you actually tried a WindowsMR headset to back up that claim? The image clarity is much better on the WindowsMR RGB LCD displays than either the Rift or Vive and is nearly comparable to the Pimax 8k.

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