New USA Backer meetups announced

Hi Futurists,

Combining the community requests, backer data, and VR event schedule, we decide to bring Pimax 8K and 5K+ to the US.

The planned route for the upcoming Pimax backer meetups:

_10.23 Los Angeles _

_10.25 - 10.26 New York _

10.28 - 10.30 San Francisco

Note: The schedule is subject to change due to the number of registered backers.

_To reserve a spot: EepURL - A Mailchimp Service

More details will be shared via email before the meetups.

If you’d like to participate in the meetups as a volunteer or partner, please shot an email to with the email title [Pimax Meetup].

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team

Boo no Seattle!


I’m in Seattle too and so is Valve. Would have been nice…



New York!!!

@Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @deletedpimaxrep1

Are you showing it at NYVR or somewhere else. The NY dates in the kickstarter update happen to be NYVR so I thought it may be the same day.


Inb4: Damn, they need to bring this to [my closest big city].

[My closest big city] please!


hey you guys should come to houston!

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Shame no Chicago, oh well.

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Cool news… I definitely can’t get to NY for the 25th… but maybe on the 26th… it’s a good 7.5 hour drive though… and I couldn’t leave before 10 AM… I wonder what venue and hours they’re going to have… oh well, hope the details come out soon.

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Can you pick me up on the way? I am in Australia :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Where in New York City is it taking place?

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Nothing in the south - at all. They just picked the most well known cities it seems. They should have done West Coast, East Coast and Southern United States instead of WCx2.


They picked the two largest cities (NY 8.5, LA 4 Million), next closest is Chicago at 2.7, also in the North. San Francisco is an obvious choice as the most ‘techie’ city in the USA, with Silicone Valley and at least a few of their partners being based there.

Looking at their itinerary, I think their primary destination is New York and they probably need to change planes in California anyway, before coming-from/going-to China. That makes a lot of sense. Even if they came to the South East US, I wouldn’t be able to attend (due to physical health issue).

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i’m so happy for all of you who will be able to attend at the backer meetups in the US.
Soon there will be a lot more first hand impressions and opinions about the M2s. I’m very looking forward to read from all of you.
possibly, maybe, there will be some more wow-factor than with us stern germans …


Yea, I’m willing to bet it’s going to be the VR show at Jacob Javits center. They did that last year with the V2 demo. They sent Emails asking New York backers to sign up for a demo then afterwards we learned it was at the VR Expo and there was no point in signing up because it was part of the expo itself open to the public. If it is at the VR expo @ Jacob Javits center… they should have warned people sooner! If you had registered for the show 2 months ago, (like I did) the tickets were free. I believe if you sign up now, you’ll have to pay!

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Hmmm… Is this enough proof.
This is the NYVR homepage.

They could however still only allow backers to try the headset even if it is at NYVR, I don’t see why they can’t do that.

Luckily I signed up months ago planning to go this summer.
I think they are still free though if you sign up now.

Will I see you there @tomohm ?


I thought London was most popular second choice.


I don’t see Pimax on the NYVR Exhibitor List or the map, but I do see VRgineers in booth 1226.
If Pimax does come to NVYR we would be able to get a nice comparison between the visuals of the Pimax Headsets and the XTAL.

Yes. I know they have totally different price points but I would still like to see what it is like for my own curiosity.


They could… but like I said before… they did the same thing last year. Had the backers sign up for a demo which actually was useless.

Yup… I’ll be there. I’m thinking about going on the 25th… the first day is usually the least busy. Saturdays are usually a nightmare. However, Pimax in their email asked if we wanted to volunteer… I replied to them that I would as I will have all those days off, so if they take me up on my offer I would be available all 3 days. What about you… gonna wait for Satuday or go earlier?

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I understand but why I think they won’t do this again is because I heard they were very strict in Berlin about only allowing backers to try the Headsets.[quote=“tomohm, post:18, topic:9304”]
What about you… gonna wait for Satuday or go earlier?

I’m not sure if I should go thursday or friday.
Right now I am busy thursday the 25th but Im willing to take off; so still deciding what I want to do.

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I hope you’re right!

Let me know when you decide…

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