New type of Pimax MAS Hinge?

The reason I’m making this thread is I’m getting tried of the side to side wobble that the Pimax MAS produces while turning my head left and right. I’m having to find that I have to crank down on that dial to get it somewhat stable but my head feels like it’s in a vice!

So a fellow owner has redesigned the hinges to lower the wobble using 3d printed parts. Link Here .

I’ve also been shown by a fellow owner on the forums that a new type of hinges has been made by Pimax Out Of Metal, but as usual we owners have to play catch up!!

Do these new type of Pimax hinges lower the wobble and stabilize the HMD?

Will they be made available possibly for free to existing Pimax Owners that have the SMAS, KDMAS??

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Thank you very much for releasing the STP File.

I’ll provide the URL to the engineer so that they may print it and examine the design.

We must investigate and test the design before we can be certain that it will address the wobble and stable the HMD.

We couldn’t guarantee that it would be free for all existing owners. However, a suitable solution will be found.

We will keep you informed.


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Thanks for bringing this to Pimax’s attention (again)


The Metal hinge that is used on the MAS pictured looks exactly like the one Pimax released the original MAS with. But due to incorrect angle of the MAS when worn on the head, they made a Plastic one as well (that we where told to just force the MAS down over the stops) That they sent along with the MAS to allmost everyone.

Result is as thenic123 states, a wobbely and unstable premium HMD that needs to be cranked down like a vice.

Bonus info:
I had requested the Original Metal MAS Hinge (via PM to you @PimaxQuorra , and Ticket to Pimax support) but was sent a Plastic one after 8 months and slapped with a $25 tax and handling fee) thanks Pimax :partying_face: :rofl:

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I don’t know what you’re referring to but Pimax ALREADY make these METAL Hinges that are shipped with the new DMAS.

They are shown here in VR Flight Sim Guy video at the 2:19 mark.

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im referring to this :wink:

They may have redesigned it slightly, I can’t say for sure :wink:

I know, I was the fellow who posted it :wink: :grin:


I read that other thread about the issue with the 1st gen Metal Hinges. Pimax looked to have redesigned the Metal Hinge so that the strap moves down lower like the plastic hinges do. The DMAS strap looks to be on the same level like the SMAS.

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