New Support Page?

Hi everyone,

i can’t login into the support center of pimax anymore, my credentials are wrong or non-existing. Apparently pimax changed their site:



Does anyone else has the same Problem?
Do we have to recreate an Account?
Do we have to recreate our Tickets?

P.s.: If i click onto ‘Old Access’ under the new login mask, i still see only:
You need permission to create a request through this Service Desk.

And under ‘My requests’ none are listed anymore :confused:

Yeeaahh, I had to migrate to the new system. Could have used a heads-up there really.

Odoo was the new system they were talking about migrating too. There are likely some hitch pins.

@SweViver @anon74848233 @Doman.Chen

Soooo… this means, Account and ticket Data will be migrated soon ™ ? Or should be already migrated ?

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Tbh not sure on this as not directly familar with the systems & if tools allow easy migration. Why I poked team members.

If it’s a Supen that already exist sweviver can likely look into it’s status.

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btw. its SUPEN-4267

  • i just wanted to ask to reimburse the costs to send the hmd back to pimax and delivered my paypal e-mail address in the ticket + attachment as proof.
  • also in the meantime the headset arrived pimax. Not that i am in any hurry, out of interest it would be just nice to know if everything arrived fine and (if possible) get an approximation when i can get it back :slight_smile:

@SweViver @anon74848233 @DerekVVV

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got it,

I will arrange the delivery next Monday.


Thanks @DerekVVV,

Sadly, i have another problem with the new headset. Maybe you can help me with that one too: