New program for updating SteamVR config for Wide FOV automagically

I’ve made a small program that will find and update the steamVr.Vrsettings with:

maxRecommendedResolution = 16384;
GPUSpeed’s = 2000;
gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale = 1.5m;
allowSupersampleFiltering = false;
supersampleScale = 1;

Please give it a try if you’re feeling brave


Would it work for the 8K+. I have never changed any setting in using SteamVR. Started with the Rift S.
If I did change setting in SteamVR. Would I see an improvement?

It will allow you to use a higher resolution in steam. per default steam will ignore wider resolutions then 4kish. one thing to be aware of though is that if you set or already have set the resolution very high. you may have to lower it now that steam will actually try to work with it.

thanks! I’m trying it out right now!

cool, let us know how it works for you.

@BNP Thank you, I have not changed any setting in StreamVR. Going to have to take a look around.

Super, let us know how it works for you

seemed to work, thanks!

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It seems like its no longer working correctly after the latest steamVR updates its adding the lines at the end and getting overwritten.

i’ll have a look, thanks

I’m not immidiately able to reproduce the issue. Are you using the SteamVR Beta?

No regular steamVR release

yeah, i’m not seeing it, can you send me the mangled steamvr.vrsettings file?

I just rewrote it. Next time it happens ill send it over. It basically put the gpuSpeed 2000 numbers at the bottom of that block of code, and then when i started up SteamVR it would overwrite the whole thing

Please do that. All i can say for now is that it looks normal on my end.

Are you making the steamvr settings file Read Only? It seems to keep overwritting mine.

no, i was considering that as an option. are you using the pimax experience beta? it will update many of the same parameters.

I am not, I never received an invite from the initial Reddit request.

i remember having some annoyances when setting mine to readonly, i forget exactly what they were though.

I’ve had mine set to Read Only for a large part of today and it’s ran fine. One thing I have noticed is exiting out of heavily taxing games to the SteamVR Home, sometimes resulted in stutters for a minute.