New Pitool or PE incoming?

Is it just me or has it been a bit too quiet lately regarding Pitool or PE

When was the last time we got a Pitool or a Firmware update?



The team is working out on Pitool, most probably it gonna release by these 2 weeks.


Lets hope we get 90hz on recent nvidia drivers!


Every new released nvidia driver is degrading performance in my RTX. 461.33 and some older drivers are stable & fast.

I know this is a very small thing and kind of weird, but could we PLEASE have the color change function back for the light bar? My whole rig was based around green and now it… kinda stands out.

Pretty please? Knowing I can and not being able to is very frustrating.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Or at the very least they fix the FPSVR stutter bug.

Planned Obsolescence?

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Have you done benchmark test and have results? I’d like to see if there is performance degradation. That way I can look to downgrade to older drivers

It is very obvious with handsets. Every upgrade makes my phone slower, with worse battery

I see differences in modern sim titles like ACC and DCS.
Difference between new relases is subtle but increasing when you go back with drivers around 5 months or so. Nvidia Drivers 466.27 vs 466.47 - Test in 9 Games | RTX 3080 + R5 5600X | Benchmarks and FPS Guides - YouTube

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