New Pimax User here, question about support for a 2nd hand unit


Just upgraded to a Pimax 5K from a Cv1 and then the Rift S. My heads to god dam big and my IPD is 72mm so this seemed like the best move. Don’t regret it at all, i can finally play without the eyestrain of the rift s

I purchased this headset second hand which had limited use (3 houirs), the previous owner had an IPD of like 55mm so he was selling from the reason I bought it. He purchased this in April and I have the receipt.

How do I go about transferring the 1 year warranty. The unit is in mint condition, but just in case id like to have the reassurance of the warranty.

I read before that warranty transfer with unit vs staying with the original purchaser such as the index or rift.

Thanks for you help!


As far as I know the warranty is based on the S/N so it follows the device.

@Matthew.Xu, please confirm.


Hi @hooligander, If you can provide proof of your purchase and original receipt, the current warranty policy can provide you with warranty service. Please don’t worry, thank you.