New Pimax 8k X with weird firmware version

BTW an user has both versions of 8kx and says that the new version is worse, look at what he says:

“I have both and the screen is terrible on the new one, the sound needs to be configured in a strange way in order to work, even with the settings that Sebastian provided. I have a feeling pimax sent the older one for that exact reason. The newer one feels like pimax was trying to cut costs”

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Well atm pimax is selling both versions.

DMAS Kit has new 8kX fw 2001
KDMAS Kit has og 8kX

According to inquires with support that some users have asked. Post on r/pimax about it.


The new beta version of Pitool (V1.0.1.279) already allows some Pimax 8KX helmets (like mine) to be used at 60 and 75Hz, and also to use the upscale mode. I tried using 75hz, in Skyrim LE with Vorpx, at 4260 x 2400 resolution and render quality at 2.0, in a place in the game where I could only get 28-29FPS. The FPS in the game increased to 31, but I noticed the decrease in the refresh rate of the Pimax 8KX screens and went back to the 90hz option. And I didn’t even try the 60Hz!

I’ve been playing VR for over 4 years and I’ve always considered myself resistant to motion sickness in VR, until I tried 75Hz… I don’t know how you guys can handle screen operating frequencies below 90Hz!

i used to use 60Hz quite happily with my 8kx.

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Only on a 5K+ but found no issue with 72-120. That said, I spend all my time now at 144 which i do notice as smoother despite to lessors not being hard on the eyes.

I can handle them, but it quickly breaks immersion below 90Hz.

The kind of game makes a difference. In something like a flight sim, I think frame rate can be quite a bit lower and still be okay. But in social VR or any sort of shooter, I think most people find sub-90Hz to be noticeably bad at best and nauseating at worst.

There are some people on these forums who don’t seem to see why anyone would want higher than 60Hz. But I think these are exceptions.

60hz looks flickery to me. 75hz smooth as butter. No idea why.