New Pimax 5K+ steam VR not working

Okay so when I boot up I see the pimax logo in the headset.
I start pitool Pimax HMD is connected (no basestations)

Now when I first ran steam VR the displays would just switch off (steam VR working)
I tried the beta and noram steam VR same issue.
I then tried running the 3rd party steam Vr settings app and changed a couple of settings.
Now when I start steam VR from pitool the lenses stay on and I get that test pattern thing but apparently not with any tracking (giro not base station tracking)
If I launch The Lab from Pitool it just crashes.
If I launch Assetto Corsa from pitool I can get into the menus on my monitor (pimax still displays VR test pattern) but if I start a race I briefly get an image (upside down in my car) before the game crashes.
From there I have to reboot to get the headset working again.

Pitool settings (HMD)
Lighthouse tracking is unchecked
I have tried checking and unchecking “hidden area mask”

smart smoothing is enabled
compatible with parallel projections I have tried checked and unchecked
compatible with vive only game I have tried checked and unchecked.

I am using a USB 3.1 port
I do not see pimax in device manager or in nvidia control panel.
I am using very latest nvidia drivers for 1080Ti

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After checking Lighthouse tracking; did you run Room setup? You just click through til you come to screen to manually enter your height.

With your 1080ti did you run Nvidia firmware update tool to enable dp 1.4 features?

Pimax will not show in NvPanel.

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Thanks for tips but got it working by trial and error. I uninstalled and reinstalled pitool and nvidia drivers and disconnected reconnected headset in no particular order and for no particular reason it was suddenly working, seemed a bit random tbh :slight_smile:


Awesome glad it’s working even if a mystery.

Like you restricted to more sested xp until LH controller release but may dig out a 360 kinect & experiment.

My system:
R7 2700x 16g ddr4 3200
Zotac 1080ti mini
Asus Aura Strix B450-I

Can compare notes & settings.
Steam Id: Heliosurge

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Yeah cool. I am CPU restricted at the mo running an i5 at 4-4 Ghz and awaiting Zen 2.
32GB ram, GTX 1080Ti

My HMD stopper working again, all games crashing just like before.
reinstalled pimax software again and added pimax server to firewall exceptions and so far working again, very strange.

I just tried Assetto Corsa and find I have distortion running across the centre like antialiasing/shimmering/blurring effect.
I limited to just over 45 fps tot est brainwarp so maybe that was the cause? It ran smooth though on pi tool 1.25 high settings and steam 100%
I can also see overlap in the lenses but adjusting IPD doesn’t seem to change anything for me.
What would you suggest the best method is for finding the best setting for clarity and avoiding eyestrain and other issues as described?
At the moment it all seems like pure trial and error with no methodology and there doesn’t seem to be any basic guide.

Xplane was too laggy for me as I am CPU bound.

The lab looked pretty good but of course I don’t have controllers :stuck_out_tongue:
steam ID JamJar

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I had similar issues on the i5 6500 with the 1080ti. Though it runs decent with the r9 390.

Vox Machina is pretty good with a game psd

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Other than joystick and steering wheel and keyboard/mouse I only have a very old saitek rumble pad, if it works with that I will check it out.
Think I will try a few freebies first though and see if I can get my HMD the way I want it.
So far it is giving me eye strain after only a could of minute because I can’t figure out the best settings.

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For freebies.

It’s short & likely not going forward as the ks didn’t take.

WarRobots VR is a free demo mech game.

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From the leaked Zen 2 benchmark:

" In fact, it takes a core i9 7960X overclocked to nearly 4.8 GHz to match the leaked 16 Core Ryzen 3000 chip at 4.2 GHz."

Seems way to go for 8K


We will have to wait for the gaming and VR benchmarks to know if it is really step up from intel.
We really need more developers to utilise Dx12 and Vulkan and put those extra threads to use.


Good possibility. Though with recent security issues with intel & performance drops created by the fixes. Could be interesting. With @Douglaster tips of changing cpu affinity & priority of vr drivers might have more gains moving these processes to later cores/threads.

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Indeed. You can only put lipstick on a pig for so long and it will always be a pig underneath. In it’s end it will be a ham sandwich and may be tasty for a bit but leave it out too long and it will eventually go bad.


LOL were you hungry when you wrote this post? :yum: