New info on valve index. Fov not as big as pimax (joke)

Fov bigger than rift s, original vive, but not as big as pimax. Sounds like 135.

Also leg tracking so it knows when you are walking. Also hand, finger tracking.

(edit) Confirmed to be only a joke under friends, never meant to be public

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This is more like a joke. Valve dind’t brought any Hardware to GDC.

Also seems like confirmed lighthouses

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Not enough facts yet to be sure, but agreed. The ‘no external sensors’ comment seems to contradict the lightened picture (below) suggesting it supports outside in tracking ie lighthouses. The ‘don’t actually need controllers’ would seem to contradict the knuckles development. That’s not even considering the foot tracking claims.

Maybe an April fools joke that broke too early? Hopefully @voodooDE will clear it up.

Guys this was meant as an internal joke in our Twitter group and Caleb from RealityCheck should’ve only posted it there, but he posted it public on his channel, nobody knows why… -.-
Nothing about this is true and I’d really appreciate if you would delete it here and not spread it even more. Thanks!


Lol that’s all cleared up then :+1:

@Heliosurge or @neal_white_iii or any other admin - maybe close this thread?

Voodoo mentioned deleting but there may be value in keeping it as his definitive answer stops the rumour - your call.

Closed, as requested.