New Competition for Steam? Will They Have VR Support?

Found the information on Reddit was released Dec. 4th.

Epic Game Store.

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This will create a mess. Seems every developer wants their own store. Hate that.

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I think it would be hard for EPIC to compete in the VR space especially they would have to develop all there own VR support including light houses. It will probable be many years from now if ever. On the other hand they are supported by a huge parent company and depending on their future goals they might eventually enter the VR space. Of course I do not know anything thing about this infact just found out about it today but like Pimax bringing the 8k it forced the others to abandon or rethink there game strategy. Competition is a good thing. Steam needs to step up there game anyway. They definitely need to do something now. In the flat gaming industry I’m sure they will feel the effects once EPIC gets up an running. Just speculating.

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True but they could license it like htc has in Viveport.

There are nicer gaming stores like Steam that even allow one to sell/transfer games to others. But there not as well known & don’t have tgeir own Steam cards.

I honestly hate having to log into steam & then have to log into ubisoft & the like. Should be plugins into the steam account.


I feel the same way Helisurge, I pretty much stopped buying Ubisoft games and totally couldn’t log in to my Rockstar game account because of the multiple sign in requirements. I didn’t think of the licensing thing thanks for pointing that out.:point_up_2:

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