New Cable received, but no manual... How do i install?

So i’ve received a replacement cable for my flickering pixels, but i have no document explaining me how i should replace it?

Do i need to open the headset? I feel like im going to break something here and if i break something ill void any warranty no?

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The cable unplugs from headset.


Thanks, will try tonight.


You will see from the replacement that the plug is actually about 3-4cm long, not just into the back of the hmd, it slides right through the hmd.
You need quite a bit of steady even force right up at the plug near the end of the cable, not yanking on it, and heaps and heaps of wriggling side to side.
When the new one goes back in there is a positive click as it finally seats back in.



It was indeed very simple.

Thank you all.

FYI, the new cable seem to fix my flashing pixels but i have only tried for like 5min.

Will do more extensive testing this weekend.


Glad to ear this cable works :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that :yum::yum::yum::yum:

Why not share your testing experience with other backers? (There is no doubt that this is a shameless advertisement)

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