New 5K +, immediate Pi Tool crash when launching

Hi all, got my new 5k+ today, finally got a chance to unpack it, install the PI Tool software (ver. 90) and when launching the Pi Tool software I get an immediate crash (Pi Tool has stopped working). I have restarted my PC, attempted to reinstall the software, etc. but no change. Any other early adopters experience this issue or have suggestions on more trouble-shooting steps?


edit just realized the headset displays a ‘space’ scene, but with the PI Tool crash it doesn’t appear I can do much.

edit saw another guy’s post on reddit who mentioned a problem with PI Tool and having to delete a file. I just renamed that file and Pi Tools runs. Here is what to delete/rename if you run into similar issues:

program Files\Pimax\Runtime\ssleay32.dll

I just renamed this file to: ssleay32.dllbak and Pi Tools launches now.


Not sure if this will work, but maybe try an older version of pitool? I found this:

Thanks going to give it a shot. I was able to launch Steam VR, the headset works but it won’t connect to the base stations and I had to repair the controllers, but they also won’t connect to the base stations (think this is where the Pi Tool software is required).

Unfortunately the same problem occurred with PI Tool .84. I’ve tried uninstalling Steam VR Beta but that made no difference. I recently removed remnants of the Oculus software on my computer, since it looks like Pi Tool installs some OVR compatibility stuff I’m going to try reinstalling the Oculus software just in case it is related. After this I will probably have to call it quits and try to work on it again tomorrow night.

It seems that Dr.Cube was able to get his working using version 76…

Hi,sir.please check this link below:


and now thats its working can you give your impressions of the pimax 5k please…

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Pitool v91 is now in pitool download link in banner.

Do we have a changelog? Have you upgraded to .91 from .90?

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I think it would be useful to add/update PiTool versions and problems/solutions in short terms to the Wiki.


Hi @Doman.Chen

can you please provide change log for this .91 version please? what features or benefits for each model version… don’t forget the 4k model as well?




Yes if only more would edit the wiki instead of leaving for others.

So far I haven’t really seen any Changelog posted on any versions save vague references.

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Hi guys, I did get things working last night after 3.5 hours of trouble-shooting. Hopefully tonight it all works without issue (after having shut down my PC). I posted my initial impressions on Reddit, and will do the same here for others benefits (since I encountered a few issues/solutions that may help someone else).


yes please,let us know what you think of it…

You can see the change log on official website.QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720181213191816

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