Netflix gives sound and subtitles but a blackscreen

Need help,
I try to watch Netflix with bigscreen or virtual desktop from steam, I can see the video on my desktop comp, but with the Pimax 4k I get the sound and subtitles but got a black screen.
Have asked Pimax factory the say ask steam have asked steam they say it is Netflix have asked Netflix for support and they say that they dont support Pimax.
Does anyone else have the same problem or do have any of you a solution for me ???



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@Dutchsheppard If you play movie by using local video player or simplvrplayer or PowerDVD VR, it is normal for display?
sorry that Netflix service is not available in China. We could not try it for you more.

Have fixed it, when I watch with the Netflix app it gives a blackscreen with sound and subtitles, when I watch Netflix with my browser it works (great).

You have give me more information to try thinks out, ty :slight_smile:

Thanks for the solution… fixed my problem too