Need some advice

Let’s say, i want to sell my recieved hmd and also the package of lh/controllers and stretch goals.
How should i do that? In my case, i want to keep the Kickstarter account (waiting for KAT Loco). I really have no idea how others have done this. BTW im not sure yet if i want to sell it. Any ideas are welcome, thanks :wink:

ebay or local equivalent should be ok
the probleme is you do not have the full package yet, so it would be difficult to sell it now.


Hilarious :rofl: thanks for the link.

I know how to sell, but indeed without the complete package, it will be hard.
I am tempted to replace the Pi with something usable/complete.

in less than 1 month you should get something totally usable.
I got the vive 1.0 LH and controller since a long time, and it works very well.
you absolutley have to try The Lab (on steam)
Google VR also is very fun

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Thanks for your kind advice :+1:
The Lab couldn’t excite me one bit tbh. I like story or multiplayer driven games like Medal of Honor, BF Bad Company, Mass Effect, Crysis, BF3,4 and so on.
Graphically great looking and immersive. I would like to see that level of quality in vr. Best till day is Pavlov and probably Onward (which i haven’t tried) or Lone Echo, the remaining vr games available today are more (in my opinion) for kids. Not to offend anyone, but job simulator is something, for instance, i will and wouldn’t ever boot up on my pc :joy: Im not the Minecraft type of guy, don’t know how to express myself in this, but maybe you understand what i try to explain :wink:. I won’t get excited with something like beat saber and the likes. Probably some people just seem like they can’t get bored by slashing blocks over and over again. I really don’t understand what is so fantastic about that kinda games, but again respect anyone who does.
At the same time, i can’t go back to pancake anymore lol. Only problem is cash, when you have a family to care for ,:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So i can’t buy all sorts of temporary devices to be able to start up the Pi and play with it. .

I just sent my 5K+ in for cracks. I am thinking of selling the replacement (headset only) and using the money to upgrade to the 8K+ when the upgrade options are posted.
Could be a good time of year for this.


Mine sits in its box, how do the cracks appear? Just spontaniously over time? Or only when used (because i can imagine it gets hot and then cracks? Im afraid my warranty expires once the package is complete. When i tried it with the gyroscope after having recieved the unit there were no cracks. Used it about an hour and never again since…

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