Need color and briteness sliders for this hardware in pimax /direct mode please

Hi! ,REALLY enjoying the pimax 4k!! ,Pcars,ED,and Warthunder!!, great product guys !! ,But could really use color temp, contrast ,and brightness sliders for steam vr ,direct ,Pimax mode ,really hoping for this in the next update guys , thanks!!

Brightness Control

@industria You are quoting my really old post. This was before they added the ability to send brightness commands.

That said, they do need to make it more user friendly by adding a simple control.

I’ve sent a link to a thread where user can find commands to control brightness until its completely implemented to the software. Not quoting anyone, its just a thread preview made by forum engine.

Ah, I see now. Wasn’t obvious from your post message why you included the link.

Hi just wondering if you have a nVidia graphic card as I was running my pimax 4k with my gtx 970 and pimax was rubbish then I got a radeon 390 and its great now screen is much brighter, colours is better and screen resolution looks higher and no blur no matter where you looked on lenses.