Need an option to turn off the flashing lights

I mean, I don’t want to let anybody know that my parallel projections are on, unless I am sitting in a nightclub may be! Doesn’t make any sense. Is it really needed technically? It would be nice if the whole (fancy light) thing can be turned off if possible.


Yes! That flashing led is extremely annoying. I’m almost tempted to put tape over it…

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Pimax has already committed to doing this.

Apparently, the RGB front LEDs are programable and eventually, we will be able to change the colors and animation effects. For now, I hope they will concentrate on functionality in their software first, and do the “fun” stuff later.


Id also appreciate an “off” switch, “blinking off” or “light off”, either would be fine, the blinking feels like a cheap attention grabber for convention floors.

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Speaking of blinking and flashing…
There is a terrible new feature in PiTool where the giant controller and lighthouses icons are flashing if the software thinks something is wrong.
It looks very disturbing and panic-inducing until you realize it means nothing. It is just adding flashing and blinking effect to the already existing orange message that the headset is not seen by both lighthouses.

While pointless it is extremely annoying every time I want to go in VR. It also disrupts the trust I have in the capabilities of the software so the next time it tries to warn me about an actual problem I’ll probably just ignore it.The orange message is adequate enough, there is no need to blink like the headset is going to explode or something.

Another major annoyance with PiTool is that it asks for confirmation about closing it. This is the only peace of software I have on my home or office PCs that does that. Everybody else has already moved away from this user unfriendly practice. My beef with this is not only because it is a terrible design practice, but it practically prevents Windows from shutting down and is a point of annoyance every morning when I want to turn off my PC quickly after the morning VR session.

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2nd that. Pretty useless “feature”… :wink:



Everything discussed in this forum is #FirstWorldProblem :slight_smile:

The reason things like those annoy me so much is that those are problems introduced on purpose. They are not issues that “naturally” occur. Somebody decided they need to inconvenience the user every time he/she tries to close PiTool and somebody spend time implementing it. Somebody decided that half of the screen has to flash for no reason and somebody spent time implementing it. Somebody decided that the headset has to flash or glow and somebody spent time implementing it. Those are all results of conscious decisions.

I can understand that those things are mostly cultural differences between Asia and the western world. But they really need to think about making their hardware and software look more “presentable” and adequately designed for the markets they are been offered to. And fixing those things is not that hard - after all a work has been done specifically to introduce them.


They should probably allow some of us to join a closed beta program as suggested before… :face_with_monocle:

It would most likely avoid a lot of bad publicity and embarrassment… :wink: