Myopia Adjustment


is there a way to adjust the myopia Settings manually, i wear glasses (have -9 so i must us it).
the autoadjustment didnt work 100 percent for me, so it would be nice if we can Manual adjust it per eye.

rgds Harald

Hi, my Pimax is somewhat blurry as well. Can’t use the unit for anything except showing the tutorial, and even at that it’s a problem trying to get it to work.
But if and when I get it to work or get a replacement that does, I hate the idea of “having to wear” glasses to see clearly.
Since there’s no adjustment and glasses are the only fix, here’s what I suggest. I used the lenses from my reading glasses. Had two pair, so I removed the lenses from one pair and carefully affixed the lenses over the Pimax lenses making sure the curve matches the curve of the puma lenses, otherwise the two lenses would touch each other in the center.
This totally fixed the blurry vision. So what ever type of glasses you need to use, and if they work for you wearing them, if you can pop out the lenses and affix them over the pimax lenses, works like a charm.
Hint the larger the lense which can cover the pimax entirely is the best way.
If you use reading glasses and have two different numbers for your eyes, just go to the dollar store and buy two pair. One pair that matches one eye, and one that matches the other.
Take lense out of one pair, and then the other, and it’s cheap, and works like a charm. Get the biggest lenses you can find like aviator type or similar.

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Interesting idea. How did you affix the lenses over the PIMAX lenses? Could you also post a photo?

Very simple actually. Just get lenses that are large enough that cover the entire Pimax lenses so that the edges of the lenses sit on the rim of the plastic part of the Pimax lens holder. Just cut a couple of thin pieces of double side tape on the rim of each side and then carefully align the reading lens so that it fits nicely, and just press the lens onto the tape. Be sure to match the curve of the Pimax lens like this (( not like this)( because the two lenses will touch each other in the center.
Perfect. That soft double sided white soft sponge like tape should work well. Just wish it was black so as not to show any of it.
My Pimax was as blurry as Hell, couldn’t even read the printing in the Delete repeated word, and now crystal clear. Now I just have to get a replacement Pimax so I can view other content other than the tutorial, which half the time I can’t even activate.
With the lens idea I came up with, and a working Pimax, should really be a pleasure to use. Good luck.
I’ll try to do a short video when I have time so as to share with the community, but I’m so busy, these days.

Understood. Thank you for the explanation.

@Rich @Pimax
I’m surprised that you were able to use lenses from reading glasses. That didn’t work for me with my Vive. Had to use distance correction. I ended up buying a set of correction lenses from one of the several vendors online. Sent them my prescription (without the “add” number, which is the reading correction) and they sent lenses mounted in rings that pop into the HMD.

Question for Pimax:

Will you please communicate with 3rd party prescription lens makers (send them some sample lens rings) so they can tool up to provide lenses for your HMD lens mounting rings? Lot’s of folks with bad vision have 5Ks and 8Ks coming in a few months. Many will be wanting to have lenses made.

Will the correction be for distant or close vision?