My VR performance seems to have gotten worse for some reason

For some weird reason performance with my 3090 has gotten way worse suddenly in VR Games. In Pavlov Siberia for instance where I used to get a smooth 75fps, I now get 60s range. I don’t know what it is. I tried to install the previous nvidia driver but that didn’t solve it. I’m using pitool 1.0.84 with pimax experience 0.60

Could it be the bios update I did? Or the installation of Samsung NVME Express driver for my new SSD? Also I notice when I start Pitool, the Pimax experience overlay window pops up and takes over my mouse, I then have to alt+tab to get out of the bind.

Performance works really good in Call of Duty Warzone, and UserBenchmark scores don’t show anything wrong, so it seems this is only affecting VR games.



Had the same problem with my GTX 1080 ti in the Pimax 5k+.

As it turned out it was the latest releases of the Nvidia drivers.

The 457.09 and the 456.71 drivers caused a lot of jitters in X-Plane 11 and in DCS.

Reverted back to the Nvidia 446.14 driver and all is well.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the heads up! I’m currently using the 456.71 drivers and I haven’t noticed an issue in Elite Dangerous, but I’ll definitely watch for framerate issues and revert to an earlier version if I see any anomalies.


This might be specific just to my Win10 but:
For me RemoteFX got turned on again after I installed my 3090. It resulted in that my 3DMark (Edit: Timespy (11500 vs 18600 with fix) score dropped down to 1080TI levels…
RemoteFX was disabled in a windows patch this summer, but for some weird reason it got turned on again and I got a warning in 3DMark about it being enabled. Trying to disable it again was hell but I think I got it working but enabling a gpo policy
Go to:
Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Remote Session Environment -> RemoteFX for Winwos Server 2008 R2 -> Configure RemoteFX
Switch it to disable and reboot and check again. If it doesnt work for you, then reset the policy.

Good Luck!


Siberia is a bitch of a map to run. Everything else in that game I can run @ 1.5 Pitool Supersampling large FOV on my 3090. On that map I drop to the same FPS range as you at that supersampling level - which is a ridiculous number of pixels TBF. Still, I just treat that map like an outlier.

How high are you supersampling? How are you using pimax experience? What settings are you using? It will hard write your settings to steam every time it runs and the difference in rendered pixels between different settings will significantly affect performance. It also lifts the Steam resolution cap which again will significantly affect performance if it isn’t well configured. You want to figure out what each game can handle then save a profile for it.


well, that’s a timely thread since I just got in the door after picking up my 3090.


I would guess it’s a SteamVR update.

Are You using automatic supersampling in SteamVR? If so, I suggest using 100% fixed and controlling it (per game) in Pimax Experience / PiTool.

It might also be throttling. Is Your card getting hot(ter)?

You say it’s only some games so I don’t think it’s throttling but You might as well verify it… :wink:


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