My Review Of The Pimax Sword Controllers! - A Serious Competitor To Index Controllers?


I’ve received an update, there are another batch of Sword is shipping out.

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Hello Dan,

Hmmm, I have no idea on that, as he might be spoken with other team regarding the Sword.

Yes, we are still working on this Stick version.

This will pass over to our Sword team to determine the adaptability.


Omg, you guys keep toying with me? Is this for real? @PimaxUSA ?

If this ends up being true, will we be able to send back already received swords for stick versions?

If not, don’t send me swords send me sticks.

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If there is anything that I believe Pimax should not do given their tiny size, it’s presume to think they are in any way large enough to influence changes in controller preferences (especially layout). When devs are writing support for Sword, then sure, but looking at Pimax’s next hmd I don’t see Sword so what would a game dev’s incentive be?

If you can’t set a standard, it would be wise to follow the standard.


Sword should be fine as it was made to have parity with wands. If a game supports wands it will support sword.

The stick version we currently have is for the Reality series not existing ones. That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on a version for existing ones. We will do some sort of show/livestream around CES time and will probably show it. I’m sure the version for older headsets will be similar.


Ok, so what would be the plan for those of us who originally wanted the Stick SWORD controller for their 8K-X package but then a few months ago were informed that they were not happening and to either go ahead with the trackpad version, swap for an Index Controller at additional cost or get a refund on the SWORD controller and not have anything.

I have gone ahead with shipping on the trackpad version of the SWORD controller but ideally would like at least one hand to have a Stick Control. Would there be an exchange program?


p.s. Merry Christmas and I am not sure what has changed recently but the clarity of the 8K-X has improved nicely, a SteamVR update perhaps.


The fact that the swords havent even shipped yet is very “sus”, without so much as a peep as to their status.

I hope its because they were looking for a way to make sticks happen before our patience runs out.

So far as expected, reception to the swords has been pretty negative. (who could have seen that coming :roll_eyes:)
Due to the fact that trackpads with no buttons suck.

Paradise Decay used it, and shelved it never to be touched again.


It’s not like enthusiasts who have spent thousands on controllers, tens of thousands on gaming, have been playing since dirt formed and read voraciously about the tech and the games they play would have any insight.

I still have my original CH stick (game port) with 1 trigger and 1 button. My current Saitek has many more buttons. My latest wheel has many more buttons and inputs than my old Momo. My XBone has many more inputs than earlier gamepads. Doesn’t take rocket science to see more is preferred.

Oculus established A/B having started with XBones included before Touch. They designed Touch with the same A/B consideration and set out throwing money at game devs to make games supporting these. Valve creates ALYX and unleashed Index using the same A/B and stick approach. Pretty much everyone is following this layout.
Why would Pimax think anything less would even suffice in a Meta and Steam environment?

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Wasn’t the first Nintendo AB? :wink:

Pimax is using a shortcut. By making the Sword a Vive Wand reshaped clone. There is no need to have a DeV add compatibility of a 3rdparty controller. Unfortunately VR controllers don’t seem to be made as like standard controllers where it is easier to add more.

Think of your XB controller. A 3rdparty might add a turbo macro button or an extra button or two that often is just mapped to existing buttons but gives an option to use said button maybe in a more convenient location. My XB afterglow wired controller has buttons like this on the bottom.

That being said with the amount of time Pimax has dragged there heels. I do think they should have either released these a year ago or made some good research in making a more expanded controller.

So yes without the finger tracking these are simply a better ergonomic vive wand. As for the trackpads better to wait and see what a better pool of ppl have to say(whenever non youtubers receive them that is). As still no one has seemed to received from first or 2nd batches and now supposedly a third batch is heading for limbo.


I mean established it’s use in VR. First by including the XBone then continuing the support on Touch

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Well then we would want to go with Sony with psvr or Nintendo though not VR the Wii motes.

XBone as far as I know still no real vr stuff save they had the Kinect that could have led to something in VR.

Now if you mean the XBone controller until they were able to make a vr controller. Sure they kept buttons. Where HTC/Steam seemed to use the Psmove as a base idea to work off of.

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Even Wands are outdated now and certainly going forward. It’s the 4 buttons Oculus brought over to Touch. Valve solidified 4 buttons as the new minimum for motion controllers and it would seems everyone else sees their point. Almost

The next gen from Pimax is being heralded as everything one could want in VR.
Not if it doesn’t have at least 4 buttons and sticks, it doesn’t.

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exactly //////////////

HTC have also been pretty lazy & ignorant in this regard, choosing to stick with their godawful wands with their throwback designed vivepro 2 instead of simply outfitting their focus 3 controllers with tracker leds.

The only thing I wish oculus would have standardized on touch would be the addition of a secondary trigger similar to a rb shoulder button on a gamepad.

It seems psvr 2 will be standardizing this. Hopefully it proves to be such a good idea that it influences meta going forward.

We’ve seen this controller evolution before.

NES standardized the basic controller (dpad BA buttons), shades of it can still be seen today some 40 years later,

Then we got the

  • SNES controller (added triggers, diamond layout buttons which sega and 3do would resist)

  • PS Gamepad (added shoulder buttons and clickable sticks),

  • n64 batarang (added analog, poor layout)

History proves that missteps were made along the way, n64 with those c-buttons and layout , sony would take the idea nintendo started and improve it with the dual shock. Then along comes sega with the analog triggers on the dreamcast ( this would also be the first time all companies agree that the diamond layout was pretty much final)

Nintendo being arrogant wouldn’t fully confirm with the improvements to their core design made by their competitors until the wii-U pro controller(the wii pro controller i don’t believe has clickable thumbsticks.)

Nintendo to this day will never admit their mistake ordering their buttons BA instead of AB (to be fair that seems to be a japan thing, its like all you europeans driving on the wrong side of the road :upside_down_face:)

My point is, I’m sure trackpads are just a bad design decision that VR will eventually forget, but it is expected for stubbornness or ignorant companies to try to hold on to bad designs out of either cheapness or Hubris.

Even valve has trouble letting go of trackpads the Index controller adopts the oculus layout but ruins the ergonomics with that useless trackpad where the joystick should be. I imagine the index 2 will drop the trackpad all together.

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I dont think this is true (or at least I hope not) Ps move was a bad design meant to copy/improve the wiimote reused for VR out of cheapness HTC style.

When sony showed off Project Morpheus they were using moves, but did this pre-date HTC’s wands?

Shifting you have many buttons. I do agree there should be more. However it is parity with wands meaning no need for 3rdparty support. I do agree HTC should have revised the wands with version 2.0. But they didn’t. Valve Index and other controllers with additional buttons need in game support for each controller separately unless it is emulating another supported controller.

Which is curious that valve made steamvr input not friendly compared to hid controllers.

Psmove predates HTC VR. The Move was intended to be a bump up on the Wii Mote to provide real tracking. Wii Motes only had a bit of converter like tracking when using pointer.

The psmove was designed to be more of an actual wand(magic wand) or maybe a lighsaber hilt.

Htc and valve went on the same idea as a basic motion controller design.

Sony repurposed there move controllers to use for VR and at the time was ok.

Where as Oculus waited and created a hybrid controller. To which many used the Razer Hydra as a stop gap. The hydra has more buttons but are mapped to limited vive wand. Requiring 1 button iirc to activate the joystick to simulate touching the trackpad.

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Agreed. I was disappointed with the fact that no shoulder button and the triggers are not dual staged like on the Steamcontroller

I do like how is it the Wii Pro controller put both Analogs at the top of the controller vs Sony both at bottom or XB split positions

Simple truth both trackpads and joysticks will eventually fade save for games that need such inputs.

At some point controllers will likely be more like wii mote cradles. A physical item just to give presence


Being in parity with simple last gen controllers with the least popular movement system.
Not a selling point imo.

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