My Poem - All a bit of fun. Don't take life seriously

" it’s the magic day, not long to go
Where testers fight through the heavy Berlin snow.
As the testers arrive, on the grey old train
They start there long walk to earn their fame.

As they walk far, it begins to rain
Across their shoulders leaves the grey old train
They all give a final wave, to the old german driver
The question remains where is @SweViver ?

Missing from the pack, they all start to wonder
Why isn’t he here, they can’t help but ponder

As the rain comes harder, which they didn’t foreseen
Past goes @SweViver in a white limousine
It takes a whole 5 minutes for the car to pass,
With the pink champagne, he holds in his glass

Drenched and cold, they arrive at the Venue
As they look up, there @SweViver sits, with his 5 course menu

They are greeted by Pimax with Hot ice tea,
Out of this cold they are glad to be free
As cold as frogs, they have their first hot dogs.

As @deletedpimaxrep1 leans over and whispers the delight, @mixedrealityTV, jumps up with such a fright
Its not long before he thinks of May…
As he tells the others… We must sign a NDA"


Heat wave in Berlin, man. 7% chance of rain this weekend. 25ºC.


Rumour on the street is, Pimax rented snow machines

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They don’t even have time to recycle the beer bottles and there’s a shortage.

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Chinese restaurants, always serving all the food at once.

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Its Italian… …

lol fun one

20 char…


You guys really want the headset so badly, now making poems

I’m hoping to get moderator status from this…


Has your m2 arrived yet martin​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Could you imagine the climax if he took a picture of a box!!!.. @SweViver hint hint

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You missed “As Sweviver yells trolls from the white limousine”

I think it’s more a mix of anticipation and boredom

Lol, Nice one, mate. It’s good fun to Read :rofl: