My PIMAX 4K is a fake ? No filter glass

Hi guys, especially @Sjef

This topic is a response to glass by @Sjef .

Today a dirt spot appeared on my inside left lens or on the display. So I decided to open my Pimax to clean that out, and occasionally to remove the filter glass as the above topic is talking about.

But big surprise. My Pimax 4k doesnt have any filter glass. And it is not as shinny as some people used to claim in the above topic.

So, clearly I have a different type of headset, which remind me that in the first day I tried this headset I said it is not a 4K panel →

Now that I have the certitude that my headset is a fake, that question arises again .

So, I need an answer form officials, why did I use this headset without a blue laser light filter that you advertised so much in your promos ?

Did I put my health in danger all this time ?

Who are the authorities I can report this incident, except PayPal ?
First please answer these questions and later we will talk about 4K issue.

Check your serial number if it starts with 102 then you have the BE edition which uses a qhd(2560x1440) oled panel. Oled does not require the filters like the 4k (serial starts with 100) uses a 4k panel that accepts 1080 & 1440 input & interpolates to 4k.

If yours is the oled; you will notice a sde but will be considerably less than vive/rift.

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It starts with 102.

But another issue arises then: if its an OLED panel, why so much ghosting ? I learnt right from this forum that OLED panels have less ghosting effect.

Then, it is a 2K panel, which clearly requires a refund in this case, because I surely opted for a DK2 or OSVR solution not this .

Been discussed a lot, if your serial starts with 102 you have an OLED 1440p panel instead of 4k. Hence no shutter glass is needed, since ghosting is better already.

Search the forum, there are return programs available to exhange it for a real 4k headset.

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