My improved 5k+ experience

So after asking for an rma on my 5k+ for it greying out when I touch it and a broken audio jack, but really wanting to rma it to see if it was a defective unit as I had such bad distortions, eyestrain and brainstrain from it, I have found it quite a different experience tonight at least in Assetto Corsa.

Pimax asked me to take a video of it greying out when I touch it so I pulled it out it’s box after sitting there for months…and it doesn’t grey out when I touch it. The only thing I can think of here is the last I used it and noticed it greying out it was summer and extremely humid. Now it is winter here and extremely dry. It’s a guess but I think it was the environment causing moisture inside the hmd that may have been causing the issue.

However I noticed a somewhat better experience. I updated pitool to the latest before trying it out again. Now I don’t seem to have to do the dance for 10 mins to get it to track, it tracks instantly. And it isn’t losing tracking easily like before either.

I still have to spend some time positioning the hmd on my face to get distortions across the view acceptable…come on pimax release our deluxe headstrap already. It’s essential for a decent experience. But then I find the world is more stable than before (it’s not moving around when I move my head like before, even though I played with face position back then too). There’s still some noticeable latency with a quick head movement but I don’t do those in Assetto Corsa which I have been playing tonight.

I still get significant eyestrain and need to stop playing much earlier than other headsets but I’m not getting the brainstrain I used to get. Which leads me back to the game I’m playing, AC. I remember I had an alright experience with AC one night in the past but then tried other stuff and hated it again and ended up packing it away in its box.

I’m a motorcycle rider from way back and used to do track days. I was trained to always keep my head upright and facing where I want to be going through the corners, and look in that direction. Anything else which needs to be seen needs to be seen in peripheral vision, not by moving the eyes or head toward it. And always smooth head movements, never jerk around. So I race cars the same. Which means I am always looking straight ahead through the pimax in AC and moving my head not my eyes to look through corners and nowhere else. I think this is what has alleviated brainstrain a lot and am worried when I play other games where I move my eyes around I’ll get brainstrain back. But for AC I had another enjoyable experience on pimax tonight.

I also left all settings in pitool as 0 for soft ipd and vertical offset and just concentrated on position on face and real ipd (which ended up on 63 when on other headsets it’s 64 for ideal).

There does seem to be significant improvement in the over all experience than a few months back. My eyestrain is not uncommon with others and I think the cantred displays just doesn’t work well with some brains, mine being one of them. And I think my brainstrain is coming from moving my eyes around inside the hmd and the unfortunate pimax phenomenon that one eye gets more distorted than the other when looking outside of the centre. So it just may be a decent hmd for racing for me where I don’t move my eyes around. I also think the world being more stable than before is helping relieve brainstrain.

Anyway I am less convinced than before that my headset is defective. I think I just do have the unfortunate brain which doesn’t like cantred displays and can’t handle one eye seeing well whilst the other doesn’t when I move my eyes around.

There’s still my broken audio jack but I’m thinking I don’t want to return it now as I can deal with that.

Anyway, in all fairness to pimax I just wanted to tell of my experience tonight…much improved…at least in racing anyway. I’m scared to try other things where I move my eyes around and ruin this positive. That’s what happened last time I had an alright experience playing AC. I’ll report back here when I’m brave enough to try another experience which will be flying planes as racing and flying are my thing…and I don’t have controllers for anything else anyway.


A couple of Experiences I can reccommend that are light on pc requirements.

  • Gunjack (Eve) Gunport game.
  • WarRobotsVR - Free demo mech game (likely never release unfortunately)

If you own Redout might be alright but is resource heavy race game.

Glad to hear you have had an improved experience. With Strain if related to canting displays might in time improve much like many adapted to strain caused by SDE.

For a mixed flying sci fi racer like in Star Wars ep 1. Vector 36 is good but also a bit heavy on resources.

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Pimax should copyright BrainStrain as a feature. lol

i still dont know what BrainStrain means , you should post a definition.

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My brain would actually feel strained when using it. Like it has to work hard just to process the visual stimuli and would protest against it. It’s different to the eyestrain which I still get playing AC.

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