My first reviews and my test of 5k+ (bubbleball)


  5. Conclustion of distortion
  7. Headset become black screen after update firmware by new Pitool version and how to update firmware manually.

I just get my 5k+ and this is my review and my test (english is not my language, don’t be serious about wrong grammar).

  1. Your naked eye can see the pixel size like this.

    Shoot by zte axon7, 20 millions pixel and zoom x4.

In my opinion, not different too much from oculus go or any mixed reality headset (feel same).

You can see black dot pixel whole the display easily until you focus on the game.
Check more here.
Maybe difficult o see for someone.

When I turn my head, I will see more bigger line like the second image (still not sure that because my pc is low spec or not)

Edit : when I test to look around without turning head, I think this is normal SDE which be bigger or easily by some color bg.

  1. About clarity of image, I feel that not different from samsung odyssey or vive pro too much (test by “Arcangel”), but never compare about text reading.

Although the image has more clarity, but you can see the black dot easier than other headset, so I not recommend for using to watch the porn movie, other headset such as oculus go, mixed reality is enough or you should go to 8k instead (in my opinion).

  1. Black level like a black + fog around, I try “FORM” and feeling like that (will test more after found that this game is not black enough).

  2. Brightness, I am prefer pimax than original vive, samsung and vive pro, not have to use night mode (but I test, it look pimax can’t use the night mode in steamvr). I feel better for lucky tale.

  3. Color fade on steamvr home, but feel same in the game, except some game look strange such as “Dungeon Brew Master” (after start game and check in monitor , this is normal).

  4. When I test odyssey, if there are some light around the lenses, you can see the light flare at the middle while no that problem in pimax and so good.

  5. Edge distorion, I am still not familiar with the headset, if I play action game such as “lucky tale” I don’t notice about it too much, but I try “fruit ninja” for the first time, I can see some blurry image behide the lenses at the edge. It feeling like you are looking the image behide “the hot wave” on the road or dessert. But this is different from first “StarVR”, that effect is easier to see in starvr and very annoying.

I am not sure that this will be solved by eye tracking because it may be image which be blurry by the lenses more than wrong proportion. Adjust correct IPD may be better for this issue.

There is some distortion in vertical movement, you can see warping when you look from top to the bottom (test by castle of fruit ninja). May this can solve by eye tracking.

  1. Inner distortion, I try to adjust the maximum IPD and found that there is some space between lenses, when I use bobo vr z4 (cardboard), you can see the image by this hole by different eye and so you can see some distortion at the edge (because it is low fov headset). But if you can see image by this hole, you will see the distion at the center instead because it has bigger fov.

After I adjust the maximum IPD, I try to close one eye and other eye still can be see this inner of other lenses, so try to use your finger to insert between space and nose for blocking image in opposite lenses (not sure because I still not found inner distion too much, but see sometimes).

9.Slowly redering of object, maybe I am using the low spec of pc (gtx 1070 + amd fx 8350), I found that objects at the edge are rendered slowly. So I can see some object which just be appeared or disappeared at the edge (test by fruit ninja).
Edit : This is caused when you not tick parallel projection, other game such as battlezone has wrong distortion.

  1. Fov
    I still not be wow so much when I test Arcangel and feel not much different from odyssey, but feel better for looking a lot of objects in once times.

Whale in theBlu make more impressive when you can see it from the head to the tail (look more big when you can see it in the whole size).

Test with fruit ninja.

If you stand at the center.
Large fov, you can see the inner red line (at the left and right poles), you will never see the left and right wall which be rendered in this image except you walk backward.

Medium fov, you can see the middle of white wall

Small fov , you can see the inner poles.
If I compare to original vive, you can see the fov like vive, but all 110 fov not be blurry.

  1. Installing has a lot of issue about “Not tracked” of base station or controller, while I can’t solve this issue, the image always move with you (like lose tracking situation although you still not use the base station). But that effect is disappeared the issue is solved (pimax support help me by teamviewer to adjust the base station).

  2. Headstrap, the band is too long and not fit for children, may I have to add more velcro.

  3. Openvr advanced setting and fpsvr are disappeared from dashboard, don’t know how to show them.

  4. A lot of game which not be AAA can play by 1070 + amd fx 8350 + normal fov.

Just a little test on first day.

Other issue, I found red dot on the black bg in the left eye and black dot on the white bg in the right eye. Should I claim the headset?


Nice review Bubbleball. Are you Verawat on 8KVR Facebook page? He received his headset in Thailand also

Sorry to hear you have dead pixels


Nice review. I would reccommend when you can though to upgrade as the fx 8350 is really starting to show it’s age.

Dead pixels are not good have you submitted a ticket & hav3 @anon74848233 monitor.

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Nice review, interesting though… it was a long time ago I tried a non-Odyssey WMR headset (Acer, HP and Lenovo) which has RBG matrix, but if I jump into my Odyssey now, the OLED panels really looks low resolution compared to 5K+ and especially the 8K.


Yes, that’ s me.

Shipping by ups, I got some duty, but not too much because the low price is specific.

Will get odyssey+ soon.
There is only vive right now, so no chance to compare side by side.

@SweViver will try them again later, problem of 5k is I always see some line of pixel or sde is bigger when turn around. My friend tell that it is about some refresh rate is not match between display and system while we use v-sync to solve this issue in normal game, I don’t play normal game too much, so still not sure. But can see this bigger line of pixel since testing acer while not found in odyssey or vive pro. So that is some con of lcd although has more sub pixel. Less to see in some game.

I will make meet up at my friend’s university next month, he has oddsey and vive pro, may I will get some acer from other friend to compare again. Black dot of 5k+ look terrible in some situation, but still not serious too much when playing the game and forget about it.


What do you mean by “AND ESPECIALLY” the 8k?

@Acecomm The 8K has less visible SDE and less distinguishable pixels than 5K+. I doesn’t make it sharper, but the pixel pattern is harder to notice. And thats why, in this regard, the gap between Odyssey vs 8K is bigger than Odyssey vs 5K+.


More test.
AMD FX-8350, gtx 1070 , DDR3-16GB , pitool x 1 , steamvr 100%

  1. Lucky tale
    Large - wrong projection
    Normal - can play well.

  2. Arizona sunshine
    Normal, fps average only 39-40, but I don’t found any issue when use warping and shoot.

    Normal, can play game normally, only issue about slow loading at the beginning of each stage (odssey has same problem).

  • Need parallel projection.

(4) Eve Valkylrie War zone.
Normal, look terrible, the image is so bad still not sure how to set.
Small - not fix steamvr 100% and image is okay , fps 85

(5) Subnautica
Normal, can’t play and very jerky.
Small, can play (fps 25-30)

Problem, open parallel projection, there is some wrong projection on the sea view.
close parallel projection, the icon menu not have a correct overlap.

Not launch game in steamvr mode, have to open by steam library or in steamvr home.

  1. Serious Sam VR : The last hope.
    Normal, image is very clear and this is the first time I can pass the game because can see all the enemy.

  2. Space pirate trainer
    Normal, game play well.

(8) Hellblade.
Can’t play with every fov (some error alert after press continue game on tile).

Other game which not has any issue because low graphic game.

  • Fruit ninja
  • Job simulator

I think low computer spec can play a lot of game and not bad as people think that their computer can’t play the game.

I notice that if I always close game on the monitor, the steamvr always be closed too (sometimes).

About openvr advanced setting, you have to reinstall it again and open fpsvr again, then they will show in the dashboard.

Some game, hard to see black dot in the game although you want to see it, don’t has problem too much such as Arizona sunshine, it is about color.


Today I test fruit ninja again, no problem about slow rendering and so it is better.

Although fov is high, but I not recommend to use your eye to look around because you can see black edge or inner edge of the lenses easily (I think people who has bigger IPD will not found this issue too much because the inner lenses is more far from their eyes). If you look at the left, your right eye wil see the inner edge of the left lenses and this can break your immersion. I will try to adapt some nose rest to prevent this.
@anon74848233 Try to make more equipment if you can, I think this is the real reason of center distorion.

I test to close one eye and look through the lenses slowly, you will understand that your eye look at the center of the circle of the lenses, so you not look at the edge of the lenses directly. But the center of the lenses is thicker than the edge of the lenses (convex lenses), that mean you look from the center of the lenses to the edge of the lenses, not look from your eye to the edge of the lenses directly, may eye tracking still can be useful.

If you use large fov to test the fruit ninja, you will see this distortion easier, so I am not recommend large mode right now.

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So 8k and odyssey plus image softness, clarity (blurity?:slight_smile: are the same?
SDE used to be the most important factor to me until i got the odyssey plus. Amazing lack of sde, but feels like im under clean water.
Its my 1st hmd and im loving the performance on gtx 1080ti. Doubt 8k can beat it in clarity without jitters.
Thank you for your effort btw. Pimax should hire you.


Oculus game test.

PiTool already have some software like revive included, it can show some oculus game automatically.
But I see some game not be show such as First Contact.

So I install revive by myself.
After I try revive, I found that image has some distortion at the center (wrong proportion or anything) when turn a round . Or it look the image has too much elasticity, when turn around the image is moving faster or not relate with the head.

I am surprise because when I test lucky tale and not found this issue, so I try Bullet train and found the same effect. After that I try lucky tale and be same. But I remember that when I test lucky tale yesterday, it not be like this.

After try to use PiTool to play the lucky tale, the effect is solved, but I can’t open Bullet train in Pitool (steamvr is auto closing although the game panel still show).
@SweViver , @mixedrealityTV
May you try to test about this distortion.


Racing game + large fov mode.

I think the large fov is so great, I can’t notice much distortion when turning my head. Trying by project car 2 demo and Assetto Corsa. Only one problem is the image are very bad for me because I not fix the super sampling in steamvr and it decrease less than 100%.


U can manually import almost all Oculus Home games. There are a few having problems with controllers running through PiTool, but most of them work.

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Yeah i agree the clarity on my 5k plus far exceeds my odyssey,im sold with pimax they raised the bar in vr


Yes, fortget to talk about import option. Can’t find the first contact,but import the Bullet train and still can’t play the game like using the revive.

May the lastest version of revive not compatible with Pimax or PiTool and make the distortion.

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Color and clarity (may shoot more later because I move headset too fast).

No zoom.

Pixel size which you can see by naked eye (mobile 5.5" can show the real size).
If you try to notice, you can see some black dot for a little (try to look at the green tree at the end).

Zoom 4x for the same size of pixel match to the naked eye (but video look blurry than the real).

next is black level.


Thanks, great shot! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Made screenshots from your video to see everything in detail:



Let to see this. More video for black dot.

You can see this black dot if you has eye position match to the lenses and some distance of eye focus. if you look at the display more than looking the image, it will easier to see these dot.

Don’t expect 5k+ for some porn video. No much problem for the game if you still need the clarity (these dot hard to see when I play arizona sunshine or another colorful game), unfortunately I don’t have a chance to test 8k for comparison.
p.s. big black dot is dead pixel, I am discussing with support.


Yes, indeed, the black dots are visible :roll_eyes:
In the video, they are even more noticeable than in the photo, because they do not move, like some kind of Mura …


Not a big problem for the a lot of game, but break the immersive for some game such as vrkanojo, lol. The clarity almost perfect and make more real, but worse by these dot.

I don’t have 8k (change from 8k to 5k+), so will wait to check the soft image by odssey+ soon and will know what I am prefer.

I will upload raw video file tomorrow because youtube compress the video and not see the detail like video in my mobile.