My amazing ghost 8KX my story

30 October 2019, plan for upgrade are here. i m french, and i m lost with all the plan. :thinking:

I saw 8k to 5k+ plan upgrade. ok it’s mine. i pay for this. Plan A :relaxed:

ok, buy validate. 2 months later someone ask me if i want to change to DMAS. Ok ! Donc


Wait… :neutral_face:so long months. :sleepy:

Pimax said : 8kx ready to send ! 26 August 2020 ! YEAH !! :crazy_face:

I bought my pimax first day. I m backer upgrade plan. i will have my 8kx in few days ! :star_struck:

i m so impatient to try this new amazing headset ! :stuck_out_tongue:

wait, :smiley: wait, :slightly_smiling_face:1 week, :blush:2 week, nothing. :no_mouth:some friends waiting for receive email, then headset ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:all bought later than me. :worried: i m little bit angry about this, :angry: but ok, it will arrive…soon… i hope … :pleading_face:

one of my friend bought in preorder in novembre 2019, and he has his 8kx ! :flushed: and me not… GRRRrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Still no email… :weary: i try to open ticket. website problem impossible to open ticket. :scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Refresh email adress every minute to wait for THE email… nothing :pensive:

i ask on forum to some people from pimax about this. They don’t know where is the problem :pleading_face:

Then they found, i made a mistake in PLAN, i must to pay 300$ more ! :cold_sweat:

Ok, i paid ! but if i don’t ask ? nobody said to me that there is a problem… :confounded:

Some days. still nothing… no email, no information, no news about my order, or send… :zipper_mouth_face:

Then someone said to me it’s ok now ! Your packet will be send before end of september! :grinning:

26 September, my 8kx is ready to be send ! :grin:

27 took by fed ex.

28 in transit.

29 in transit… and same 30.

01 October, no change. i ask someone, normal it’s vacancy en China ! you must to wait. :cold_face:


02 October, message i must to pay tax… grrrr… okay… i pay tax… :rage:

email packet in PARIS ! :star_struck:

email, sms you will receive your packet Monday 5 before 6 pm !!! :star_struck:

Monday 5, i took 2 days without work to wait for my 8kx! waiting behind the windows like a dog ! :stuck_out_tongue:

9 o clock, 10, 11… okay in the afternoon :neutral_face:

Wait… 2 pm, 3, 4 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i try to call fedex… nobody answer me. :hot_face:

End of day… no packet ! :sob:

October 6… still waiting, website : you will have your packet on 5… NOOO it’s not here and it’s 6 ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

FEDEX WHERE IS MY PACKET ??? still impossible to have someone on phone. Waiting, waiting, waiting… nothing…9,10,11,2pm…17pm… try to call… nobody


3 October 8 Oclock, website : impossible to delivery ! :hot_face: :tired_face: :sob: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Call fedex : Your packet is LOST !!! :bomb:
:boom: :anger:



Thank for reading :wink:

Now i m waiting for… Don’t know… i open ticket. May be one day i will have my 8kx…


That was a very graphic story. I hope it ends well. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Oh damn, that really sucks man! I think a Fedex employee might have stolen your package. I doubt it actually got lost. Hope you get a speedy replacement.


it’s what i think too.


i try to stay positiv :wink: thanks


Sorry for you, sometimes Fedex is a complete joke… Hope they will find your 8kx soon :+1:t2:


I think Fed Ex stole my package too. It has been over a week since it has seen any movement. They say it was released from customs on Sep 29th but has not gotten a single update since then.


welcome to the fedex world. hope it will be good for you too

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@PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal

Hello, what will happen now with my lost fedex packet ?

Could you contact fedex about : 397236717929 packet number ? please.


Definitely stolen. I had a job at a big parcel company when I was younger. All the guys working there were ‘poor’ and I have seen things get taken a lot. Company is too big to worry about your parcel, it just gets stolen. Things don’t go ‘lost’.

Unfortunately this is something Pimax needs to pick up on with FedEx, so you probably have to wait a lot longer for that to finally be resolved and you hold a headset in your hands.

But your 8KX Story is VERY IMPORTANT FOR PIMAX because this is what you would call an Enthusiasts Nightmare. And Pimax would score A Lot of points if it had some dedicated people on cases like this to resolve. If they don’t, well, people will simply be too afraid to deal with Pimax’ products.


Sometimes they do. Once there was package sent from my mother’s friend in Philippines to us (Europe). It was long considered lost when it surprisingly arrived about year later… Bit weary after long travels but nothing was missing.

But I agree that in most cases it is probably stolen.

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Well in a year you might get another one, @bysty!

This is the second 8kX in about a week that get “lost” by Fedex in France.

3 now in the same conditions ! 3 pimax paquet lost in roissy on October 2 … very strange

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I was expecting a parcel from Amazon. It was delivered by USPS and stolen from my mailbox. Some looser broke into it and got my mail. I contacted the seller. They filed a complaint with USPS, got their money back and sent me another parcel. Every parcel should be insured by a carrier. Don’t loose your hope.

I don’t have access to a phone so I literally cant call Fed Ex to figure out what going on. Tracking says it was released from customs 9 days ago but there has been zero movement since then. I have no idea how to resolve this. I fear Pimax is just going to tell me I have to contact Fed Ex and try to resolve it myself…

i just have email, my paquet could be delivered tomorrow ! … Wait and see


Well, then it’s actually “only” one missing as one of the others has also gotten an update from FedEx:


There are ways to make voip calls if you have access to a pc.

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I was happy, i will have my 8kx today, i will use it all the week end, YES ! And… this morning new update… delivery MONDAY ! it’s just a nightmare !

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