Mura problem poll

There seem to be a number of 8KX’s that have a problem with tiny stationary spots. Best seen against bright areas like a white plane or against a blue sky.

Not everyone notices this at first because it only is most apparent in those areas but once you know it’s there it’s almost impossible to ignore again.

Example of the mura dot pattern on a white background:

  • I have mura and yes it bothers me
  • I have mura but i can ignore it
  • I searched for mura but can’t find it
  • I have not checked for mura yet

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I don’t see any mura like this. The only thing I notice are very small grid pattern/sde on white color.

You should check the power cable. Make sure it is fully pushed in on your headset and that you’re using USB 3 ports for both 8kx cables.


There is a misunderstanding. You dont need to search for mura, if your panels have it you WILL see it after you first use your headset.

I own 6 headsets, except for the 8KX none of them has mura, and i saw it immidately when i first tried my 8KX.

So stop talking about “dont look for it” or similar, if you havent seen it yet means your panels dont have it. Consider yourself lucky and enjoy your headset ! :wink:


If the background is not bright then at least I don’t see it.
The best way to check is to go into Virtual Desktop, open an editor with a white background and move the head slightly. The mura pattern will stay in place while the background moves.


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