MS Flight Simulator 2020 200% clarity increase at no performance cost

Havent tried this yet but Im hoping this trick works on pimax.

Post if it works for you.


I will try that later. thx… but, since the last greater update (31.may) FS2020 is for me the biggest CTD Simulator ever. xD Crashed every 5-15min

Edit: looks like the same for me in the X.
Not better, but not worse either. maybe a WMR thing

(10850k@5.0 Allcore / Titan RTX unlocked /32gb@3800/c17)

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Weird , users of many different headsets have had positive effects.

When he said all headsets should be affected, I said bet nobody has tried it on a Pimax. Challenge Accepted!.

Hence, this thread.

Hopefully we can get a few more replies.

It also depends on how well you optimized it beforehand. xD

I tried and dropped fro 30plus FPS to around 18.