MRTV: Skyrim VR On The Pimax 8K / 5K Plus With A GTX 1080ti

Dear community,

here is the next video of my video series where I compare the Pimax 8k, Pimax 5K Plus and Vive Pro performance for several popular games on my GTX 1080ti computer.

In this episode I checked out Skyrim VR on “High” quality settings.

I tested on PiTool V., with PiTool Quality at 1.0 and Steam Supersampling at 100%, Normal FOV on my GTX 1080ti rig (see details of that computer in the video description). Here are the results:

Pimax 5k Plus:

  • Again, FOV looks fantastic in the game. The huge FOV just lets you enjoy the world of Skyrim even more! You have to see Skyrim with that FOV to see what you missed before.

  • Picture is very clear and all menu items can easily be read.

  • Frame rates are fantastic, constantly hitting 91fps

  • All known 5k Plus characteristics still here (clarity, no pixel persistence problems, distortion is negligible on normal FOV)

Pimax 8K

  • FOV just as good as on the 5K Plus - the wide FOV really adds so much to Skyrim

  • Blacks are a bit deeper on the 8K

  • Skyrim also runs perfectly smooth on the Pimax 8k, constantly hitting 80fps, the maximum that the 8k can do

  • Also here again, known 8k characteristics all here (less clarity, pixel persistence problems if you look for it, diagonal subpixel structure)

Vive Pro

  • FOV is just incredibly limiting after you have seen Skyrim through the Pimax headsets

  • Colors are definitely more vibrant than on Pimax headsets, much better blacks

  • Game runs perfectly smooth with 90 fps, just like 5k Plus

  • Picture quality is great as well, all texts are just as easy to read as on 5K Plus

  • Still would not play it on this headset anymore, due to the FOV restrictions

  • Again, if you come from the Vive Pro, don’t expect huge improvements on picture clarity, just imagine a similar experience with a much improved FOV, which will make for a huge difference.

Conclusion: Skyrim VR (Quality settings “High”) runs just perfectly smooth on the Pimax 5K Plus and on the Pimax 8k with a GTX 1080ti. On both headsets, you will have a much improved experience than on the Vive Pro.


Hi Sebastian. Another great video thank you.

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@mixedrealityTV I’m watching the video right now and I was wondering why you didn’t use your cybershoes ? lol


Thanks for the video and the summary :+1::slight_smile:


Sooooooo. 3/5 6/10 ?


Happy to see a game run at high fps, forgot that there are games as sweviver focuses on those simulator games and it’s a bit meh :confused:


Yeah, I am not too keen on the FPS on those SIMs. I’m hoping the 2080Ti will make a real difference :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the videos.

I wish you would include both FOVs in your next video and compare frame drops for each.

Also can you turn up the SS or Render sliders until you start dropping frames below 90fps and then do a comparison? It would be nice to see how good the Pimax looks maxed out.

Can you describe the sweet spot between the 5k and Vive Pro by moving the headset around. The sweet spot on my Vive is very small while some have said the sweet spot on the 5k+ is 100 degrees.

Also you didn’t mention if Skyrim had any mods installed or did I miss it?

Lastly how easy is it to switch FOV on the Pimax? Can you do it ingame without restarting Pitool or SteamVR?

Thanks Sebastian, looking forward to your next video.


@mixedrealityTV really, stop saying the SDE and clarity are similar to the Vive Pro, you’re pissing @SweViver off :slight_smile: Anyway love this vid, really nice to see the fps is keeping up in Skyrim. The 5k+ does seem like an interesting device for sure.


You need your drama fix for the day?


Hehe, he gets so angry when somebody disagrees with him and DARES to say that his beloved Pimax 5k+ isn’t better in terms of SDE than the Vive Pro.

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Through the lens examples? =_=


very good video, your results are very diffrent to sweviver he said he was on skyrim at medium settings with maybe 80fps, you are on high settings at 90fps.

do you belive the next advancement in VR technology from the 5K+ would be;
to increase the resolution of the 5K+, or
to get the colours/black levels on the same level as vive pro, or
to increase the fov from 150 to 170 with no distortion.

and even if this was possible, would you say it’s worth upgrading the current headset to a headset with better specs, or is this headset now pretty good as is and you can’t imagine things getting much better.

VoodooDe Already showed a side-by-side comparison of all three headsets in his first Review it’s clear that the 8K Is the best in terms of SDE followed by the 5K plus with the Pro a decent ways behind ,check it out It’s pretty definitive .

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Thank you but I’ll go with Sebastian’s opinion. Photo’s really aren’t that trustworthy unfortunately. Not that I’m saying he shot them on purpose like that. Just that it’s really hard to shoot photo’s that represent reality.

How can you run Skyrim at 90FPS on a 1080 Ti but @Pumcy / Toms Hardware couldn’t run Space Pirate Trainer at 90fps on a 2080 (basically a 1080 Ti).

So many conflicting reports


Probably a bottleneck in the Toms Hardware VR machine.

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Really Sebastian wears glasses! LOL

They were running SteamVR at 100% which at the time was like x2.5 ss

Tomshardware would advise you to buy htc vive instead of pimax. Do you really want to listen to such reviewers saying pimax is not good enough mainly because current GPUs are not that good and lack of audio strap (lol)? O_o