More Pimax HMD`s to come (RE Series)

More Pimax HMDs to come,,,, WTF no wonder they cant get any of the other items out on time if they are still Pi$$ing about with new HMDs.


I wish a new design with the following :
1- Full screen utilization
2- 2k res like HP or oled RGB
3- Better lens
4- Room for glass and eye tracking ( FR )
5- 150+ FOV
6- Better SW


They would have to be at least brainstorming and doing basic design ideas for the next headset as they take years to make, you always have to be looking ahead.
Especially because the current pimax ones are in a way 2-2.5 year old tech (they designed it 90% then, it was all refining and figuring out mass production over the last 1.5 years).
It does suck because the addons and such are taking freaking ages, but i do get it. If they just stopped any headset research from start of this year (when all backer headsets were pretty much done) until start of next year when most addons will be shipped they would fall way behind on designing next gen headsets.


But would they not be better off fixing the problems with the HMD they have now and getting better public opinions instead of killing any trust they have now, this would install more trust in a future HMD, at the moment I am on the fence weather I would stick with Pimax or just move on.

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Literally any company that release products and does upgraded ones in the future does this (cars, consoles, PC parts, phones, laptops), they have a team working on the next one and a team fixing issues with the current one. Otherwise you’d have twice as long between each release if you just fully stopped doing research for future releases.


This is not out of character for pimax.

Based on p4k shell
Pimax 4k/Aukey 4k
pimax B1 (1440p)
Pimax Pro (2160×1200)
Pimax phonevr headset(shell with option for smartphone)

I believe there is a couple of models I missed


Ues but they usually wait for tge current models to see before anouncing upgraded versions.

Remember when Intel needed to learn this lesson with cpu model hell? Multiple sockets & a ton of cpu models.


But this is not the case, QUOTE,“but that the controllers were a very large effort that required most of the engineering team resources. We did have engineers on the other items but we needed to get the fundamentals completed (LH’s and Controllers). A lot of resources have now moved from the controller projects to the other accessory projects.”
So why not put a hold on the New HMD (if there is one) for a short time and fix what they have now…

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yes but they usually wait for tge current models to see before anouncing upgraded versions.

Yes, and pimax has not announced any new headsets, so its still going like normal for this kind of development.

Multiple sockets

Pretty sure intel does that on purpose, sells more motherboards which keeps their partners happy.
Or did you mean during their own internal development?

Haven’t announced new headsets?

  • Pimax 5k BE/XR
  • pimax 8k BE (discontinued?)
  • pimax RE models

Base Business versions maybe just consumer version with more warrenty option & other mild customizations.

But the RE & Oled versions are new models. Oled was original so maybe we can say not much resources were needed.

RE well obviously the BE couldn’t stand on it’s own so a lot of resources were piled on to create a better housing & more.

Resources that in any event could have been focused on completing the original project.


Intel has moved away from the socket hell they had in the past compared to now.

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Yeah as you end up saying yourself none of those are really new headsets.
OLED was known for ages (was it during the kickstarte? i dont rmember), if not it wasnt long after.
RE versions like you say are slightly ruggedised versions of the same headset.
You are right that it likely took away a small amount of resources, but it wouldnt be even close to the amounf of developing fully new headsets, so its not really the same as what OP was worrying about.

Intel has moved away from the socket hell they had in the past compared to now.

For now, but i think thats just because they are rushing out refresh after refresh to make sure AMDs CPUs dont catch up as much. Once the competition between the two settles a little im sure it will go back to more consistent (and more often) socket changes between CPU generations for intel. though hopefully it doesnt go back to AS often as it was.

They can pretty much take the 8K headset as a baseline and improve on it, both on hardware and software.
For example update the panels to 2x UHD OLED with DP 1.4 with DSC.


The RE are more than just fixing the case issues. So yes New & resources better used to finish tge Kickstarter project. Obviously they could have offered the consumer version with an inflated price like Vive did for enhanced warrenty.

If you only have 4 ppl to build a house you don’t split the team to build 2 houses when most tasks require 3 ppl.

Intel move away from socket hell before Ryzen. Retired most of the excessive sockets just before Skylake.


Yeah many of the issues of the 5k+ right now wont be resolved I think at least for the 5k+ itself.

You all are beta testing for the next version of their HMD. At least this is what I am getting from watching these forums etc.

yes this is ridiculous they already looked ahead with the 8k-X, which they should never have announced in the first place.

Just came from a reddit thread where an unhappy canadian VR newbie was asking what headset he should get because Index arent available in Canada. Of all the replies not one! of them suggested Pimax.

Wow. The pimax blows away every headset including the index …on paper. But its not even a consideration by the general public. Unbelievable.

Thinking of the future is great and all but at this rate im worried if Pimax will even be around in 2 years if they dont fix their quality and support now.


Yep Due to pimax having too much Flux makes it a hard sell. Many have no setup problems & many do. Quality & logistic flux hasn’t helped.

Being my friends goto tech guy; I wouldn’t be doing myself a service reccommending pimax without testing my headsets on their pc setups. Bad enough having to explain Windows compatible doesn’t mean XP programs or even Vista will work on W10.


I agree with your general issue. But on this specific point - for a newbie maybe PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, maybe Rift S or Valve index but IMHO Pimax are high end (ie newbies are not their target customer).


i know but I doubt the responses would have been different if he was not a newbie. The fact is, I think general perception of quality is causing Pimax not be be considered . I hope this can change in the future


Indeed, people are not stupid, we come to these forums do our research and see the problem people that bought pimax are having, see the long turn around and more importantly we see how things are being swept under the rug…I mean damage control spinning is nice and all but it hurts pimax in the long run and that is what we are starting to see.

Pimax is being Pimax own worst enemy right now.

I think after all this I will be waiting on the new Pimax HMD’s to see if they get the cracked housing thing sorted and will probably go with another brand at the end of the year…still on the fence though for the moment.